Zero returns in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Story ModeEdit

Zero is amongst the heroes and villains who are brainwashed by Ultron Sigma and Grandmaster Meio. He is first spotted by Hiryu, X, Captain Marvel, Nova and Rocket. According to X, his core routines were changed to allow Ultron Sigma controlling him. After being defeated, his core routine is restored and returning to the right side once more.

Changes from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Edit

  • New Hyper Combo: Raijinshou.
  • New command normals: Youdantotsu (his original standing medium attack), Koketsuga (his original crouching heavy attack), Rasenkyaku and Resshoukyaku.
  • Standing H/Kuuenzan animation normal cancellable.
  • Ability to cancel special moves into Hyper Zero Blaster firing animation on each level added, excluding the MAX version cancel which is currently removed and replaced with the ability to expend a maximum charge to cancel into new followups:
    • Hadangeki > Rakuhouha.
    • Ryuuenjin > Hyouretsuzan.
    • Sentsuizan > Hisuishou.
    • Raikousen > Mikazukizan.
  • Sentsuizan no longer an Air Combo finish, instead inflicts ground bounce.
  • MAX level Hyper Zero Buster is a wallbounce on grounded version, while midair version is now an Air Combo finisher.
  • Raikousen loses its upward directional-version.
  • Rekkouha does less hits via less overall light beams raining down.
  • Afterimage from Sougenmu can now be displaced easier, making its position from Zero become inaccurate and not follow his movements as tightly.
  • Genmu Zero inflicts a few more hits.

Quotes Edit

Victory Edit

  • "Target destroyed. Returning to base."

Victory Text Edit

  • "Mission complete, if you can call that a mission. A C-Rank Hunter could have handled this."
  • "Relax, my saber's set to its lowest output. Next time I won't be so considerate."
  • "Another emergency... A glider-riding supervillain has taken over R.P.D.!? Rrgh... I'll be right there!"
  • "The problem with heroes is you pull your punches. Evil deserves to be eliminated... Period."
  • "I'm sorry, X. When you can beat me, you'll be ready to finish Sigma once and for all." (to X)
  • "So you're not some holographic image after all... Huh. One more to add to the database." (Mirror Match)

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