X-Men vs. Street Fighter is a type of action figure series based off of the game, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. These action figures feature two action figure characters (One from X-Men and one from Street Fighter) and a picture of the stage that was in the game. These action figures have a series 1 and a series 2. Although most fighters available in-game have been represented as figures in this toy line (including the secret character Akuma), Charlie and Storm were not made into action figures. This is possibly due to Charlie and Storm being the least popularly used characters by players. There are two variants packs of figures available that feature alternate "Player 2" color palette swaps. These are "Gambit vs Zangief" and "Juggernaut vs Dhalsim". In these variant editions, Gambit has a blue trench coat while Zangief has a green cape. Juggernaut sports a darker costume while Dhalsim features a blue skin or body paint.

Gallery (Series 1)Edit

Gallery (Series 2)Edit

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