Wolverine's Command Normals
Mvc3 wolverine diving kick
User Wolverine
Cross Slash & Brutal Claw
Hits 1
Damage 64,000
Execution Attack light during Attack medium hit
Sliding Claw
Hits 1
Damage 70,000
Execution Arcade Stick DR+Attack medium
Properties OTG
Diving Kick
Hits 1
Damage 75,000
Execution Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h

Wolverine has 4 command normal attacks.

Cross Slash & Brutal ClawEdit

Wolverine can follow up his standing and air M with L for extra hits in his combos. The Cross Slash AKA Japanese version Sharp Scratch (シャープスクラッチ, Shaapu Sukuracchi) pulls his opponent closer, and they link into his H attacks. On the other hand, Brutal Claw AKA Brute Claw (ブルートクロー, Buruuto Kuroo) can be rapidly spammed in midair even on whiff.

In past games, they both used to be double MP attacks (MPx2), similar to his standing MK.

Sliding ClawEdit

Wolverine slides almost 1/3 across the screen claws first. This is Wolverine's only attack that hits OTG and in past games before MVC3 which could properly sweep foes, and can slide under opponents if used at point-blank range.

Diving KickEdit

Wolverine dives downward at a 45 degree at his opponent from above. It causes a ground bounce it you hit airborn opponent's, and staggers opponents when it counterhits. Diving Kick is fast; it beats or trades most anti-air attempts and it's very hard to air throw. In pre-MVC3, Wolverine in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Bone Claw in MVC2 has this attack, and it used to bounce off foes with an OTG property. As Adamantium Wolverine, the Fumitsuke (Trampling) replaces it, with that being a downward straight stomp instead.


  • Use crossover assists to cover you for a diving kick to start combos.
  • Drill Claw leaves the opponent into position for an easy Diving Kick combo during air combos.
  • Use select crossover assists to pick up opponents after an OTG Sliding Claw to extend combos.
  • Brutal Claw can be spam-whiffed during super jumps in pre-MVC1 to build meter quickly.

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