Wire Grapple
Wire grapple
Wire Grapple
User Spencer
Damage 30,000
Execution (air) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Properties Projectile, Projectile Nullify, OTG, Wall Bounce
Reel in Punch
Damage 80,000
Execution Attack light During Wire Grapple
Properties Hard Knockdown
Zip Kick
Damage 90,000
Execution Attack medium During Wire Grapple OR Wire Grapple in the air
Properties Wall Bounce, Soft Knockdown
Come 'ere
Damage 0
Execution Attack h During Wire Grapple
Properties Capture, Restands

"Get over here!"

Wire Grapple is one of Spencer's special moves. Spencer uses his bionic arm to reach out and grab his opponents. Depending on the attack power, Spencer can reach out in all three directions. when done in air, he can hit OTG for a wall bounce and continue the combo.

Attack Power Description
Attack light Straight forward. In air, it is also straight forward
Attack medium Angled upwards. In the air, it is angled downwards
Attack h Straight up. In the air, it is straight down

Reel in PunchEdit

"Eat this!"

Attack light During Wire Grapple

Spencer reels his opponent in for a clean punch. This move causes a hard knockdown. This move deals 80,000 points of unscaled damage. By attempting to use this move many times in a combo can lead to a touch of death combo.

Zip KickEdit

"In your face!"

Attack medium During Wire Grapple OR Wire Grapple in the air

Spencer reels his opponent in for a kick. This move causes a wall bounce and a soft knockdown. This move is generally used to extend combos or to follow up from Bionic Maneuvers.

Come 'ereEdit

Attack h During Wire Grapple

Spencer drags his opponent towards himself. They are left standing after this move. This move does no damage but sets them up for a reset.

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