Weapon X Prime
X-23 weapon X prime
Weapon X Prime
User X-23
Meter Cost One
Hits 14
Damage 280,900
Execution S+Attack x2
Properties Invincible

"Let's end this!"

X-23 rushes her opponent in a long fast run, and, if it successfully connects, she performs a barrage of melee attacks for a soft knockdown. Weapon X Prime in not easy to put into combos because of its long startup time. However, it has one of the longest windows of invincibility of level 1 hypers in the game.


  • You can use Weapon X Prime to counter projectile hyper combos from fullscreen. You can also DHC to and from teammates to counter distant hyper combos.
  • You can blow though open damage attacks like Super-Skrull's Inferno & Chun-Li's Kikosho.


  • (vs. Phoenix Wright) - While this hyper can be used to counter many other hypers in the game due to its long window of invincibility, it will not blow through Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! from the moment Maya starts running.

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