Weapon Change
320px-Umvc3 amaterasu 05
Amaterasu equipped with Devout Beads
Weapon Change
User Amaterasu
Damage 0

Arcade-Stick-Down Arcade-Stick-Down +Attack

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Properties None

Weapon Change is one of Amaterasu's special moves.

Amaterasu changes her weapon. As a result, they change her Attack h normals and special moves. She can do this 3 times in the air.


Attack Power Description
Attack light

Equips the Reflector. For quick short ranged combos. Has access to Solar Flare.

Attack medium

Equips the Glaive. For mid ranged and heavy damage combos. Has access to Thunder Edge and Glaive Chop.

Attack h Equips the Rosary Beads. For far ranged and multihitting combos. Has access to Cold Star .


  • You can use this in mid-air for combo extensions

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