"Might controls everything."
—Vergil's victory quote

True to his playable incarnation in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Vergil is less combo-oriented than his brother, relying on powerful attacks, both normal and special that possess incredible range, making him an ideal mix-up when using assists with solid close and mid-range attacks. Most people who have gotten experience with Vergil refer to him as a combination of Zero (in terms of health), Wesker (in terms of teleportation tricks) and his brother Dante (with his attack range). While not as fast as his brother, attack-wise, he can easily close and create gaps between his enemies using his Trick teleports to allow him to apply serious pressure to his foes.

His Trick can also be Hyper Cancelled just before Vergil disappears, making it similar to Dante's Bold Cancelling in that most of his moves that can special follow-up with Trick can only be "somewhat Hyper Cancelled" this way.

Also, shared normals with Dante are also a bit different, as Vergil has those usually as command normals. A weakness of his is that unlike Dante, his moveset seems to pale in comparison a bit more, but tops it off with his own tricks.

Some of his moves can get easily punished as well as his health being on the low side (even lower than Dante's), so he can't afford to take many hits. His combos can be just as long as his brother's, but they require more technical use.

Vergil's normals that involve his sword (his standing H, crouching H, jumping M, jumping H, standing S and its follow-up) can all cut down projectiles. Of course, to also top off his poking potential with his sword attacks, his standing H and S can even hit somewhat behind Vergil, so jumping behind him for cross-ups can be very difficult due to the size of such hitboxes.


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Judgement Cut Shot Front Dimension Slash
β Rapid Slash Direct Front Dimension Slash
γ Rising Sun Upward Tilt Up Dimension Slash

Command Normals

Move Name Input
Stinger AS Right+Attack h
High Time Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Helm Breaker AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Upper Slash Attack h during Special

Special Attacks

Move Name Input
Judgement Cut AS QCF+Attack button
Trick AS QCB+Attack button
Rising Sun AS S+Attack l
Lunar Phase AS S+Attack m
Rapid Slash AS S+Attack h
Round Trip Hold Attack then release

Hyper Combos

Move Name Input
Dimension Slash AS QCF+Attack button 2x
Spiral Swords AS S+Attack button 2x
>Sword Storm Arcade Stick QCF+Special during Spiral Swords
>Blistering Swords Attack button+Special during Spiral Swords
>>Summoned Swords Attack button+Special during Blistering Swords
Devil Trigger AS QCB+Attack button 2x
>Dark Angel (Level 3) AS QCB+Attack button 2x during Devil Trigger


X-Factor Boost Damage Speed
Level 1 125% 115%
Level 2 150% 120%
Level 3 175% 125%

Theme Song

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Vergil's Theme01:49

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Vergil's Theme

Vergil's theme is a remix of Vergil Battle 2 from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


Vergil Character Vignette - Ultimate Marvel vs01:25

Vergil Character Vignette - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Special Quotes

UMVC3 Vergil Quotes (W Eng & Jap Voices)01:59

UMVC3 Vergil Quotes (W Eng & Jap Voices)


Vergil's ending has him acquiring the Muramasa Blade, which he uses on Wolverine to test its power. He would go on to cause destruction with the blade as it has a shared desire with him for power.


Vergil: So this is the Immortal Ending, the Muramasa Blade...

Wolverine: Damn... my healing factor...

Vergil: Neither humans nor mutants could ever hope to truly harness the power of this blade.

Vergil: Hm. Not bad at all. But I am not yet sated. The soul of this sword thirsts for more power... As do I.


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