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"Resigned to your fate, I see."
—Vergil's intro quote

Vergil is a character from the Devil May Cry series. Vergil is also the main antagonist of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Vergil is Dante's twin brother, who is also known as "Nelo Angelo".


Vergil is the twin brother of Dante and the other son of the The Dark Knight Sparda. Unlike his heroic relatives, Vergil is an aloof individual who seeks out the power their father left behind at any cost. Wielding the keepsake O-katana Yamato by his side and a command of vast magical powers, he rivals his brother, Dante, in every regard. His swordsmanship is arguably even greater.


At first glance, Vergil appears physically similar to Dante. While they share the white hair color, Vergil's hair style is swept up to resemble his father's. In stark contrast to Dante's wardrobe featuring a largely red color scheme, Vergil wears blue predominantly, and dresses in a manner that gives him a bit of a regal air (in this case; a long coat with three tails and a snake-like pattern on the right side, a black vest and brown boots), in contrast to Dante's more casual look.


Vergil is a cold and aloof individual who seeks power above all else. Any traits of humanity he may have had have been set aside in his pursuit to succeed his father. Vergil has no qualms with fighting Dante, or even attempting to kill his brother if it is convenient for him. Though initially perceiving himself superior to his brother, Vergil does not exhibit an outward arrogance (which is typical of similar villains). Despite generally serving as an antagonist to Dante, Vergil has been known to fight alongside his brother and set aside some of his warrior ideals, should particular circumstances arise. Due to Dante being composite of his DMC3 (appearance) and DMC4 (age) counterparts in MVC3, Vergil may exhibit some personality changes as well.


Vergil possesses the standard demon powers of superhuman strength, endurance and speed, sharing Dante's powers but his seemed to have been refined. Vergil possesses a wide array of abilities that heavily contrasts that of Dante's style. In DMC3, he only had one style and had less weapons than his brother, but his attacks were far more fierce and effective and thus, he relied on substance rather than style. His only "firearm" in the game, Summoned Swords, did not strike opponents instantly like Ebony and Ivory, but because they could be fired as he attacked with his Devil Arms without interruption, he has a much deadlier combo game.

  • Wields the O-katana Yamato, which has the ability to cut down anything without the blade having to make contact. It also has the ability to cut through space. All damage inflicted by it will occur in real time once the sword has been sheathed.
  • Utilizes mastership of the Iaido sword style in which he uses the Yamato and its scabbard.
  • High speed movement, able to seemingly warp towards and away his enemies, similar to Albert Wesker.
  • Wields magical powers, shaping his energy into the form of spectral blades called Summoned Swords that buffer his attacks or can warp them around his opponents to attack them from multiple angles.
  • Can utilize Devil Trigger, although he is much stronger than Dante in this regard and can even utilize an enhanced form of it.
  • Possesses proficient hand-to-hand skills as demonstrated by his use of the Beowulf gauntlets and grieves.


  • His alts. are based off of Nero (From Devil May Cry 4), Kyousuke Kagami (from Rival Schools), "Vante" (the red-colored NPC version of Vergil he fought in DMC3 Special Edition), and Demitri (From Darkstalkers). His DLC costume is based on his Corrupted form with the Sparda Devil Trigger from Dante's DLC, which Capcom stated that several difficulties such as different swords and movesets prevented them from using Nelo Angelo instead.
  • Vergil's rival appears to be Iron Fist, both use fighting styles typically associated with Asia; Vergil wields an O-katana known as Yamato, while Iron Fist employs chi-infused martial arts. Also notable is the similar purple lighting to both of their official portraits.
  • Several of Vergil's lines in UMVC3 are lifted straight from Devil May Cry 3, such as "Might controls everything" and his specific win quote against Dante "Foolishness Dante, foolishness", both of which he utters to him when he defeated him in Mission 7.
  • His win quote against Trish references the fact that she shares the exact same face as his mother, Eva.
  • When pitted against Magneto, Magneto notes a resemblance to his son Quicksilver, whom not only had white hair, but super speed as well, similar to both Vergil and Dante.
  • Vergil's voice actors are Daniel Southworth who reprised his role from Devil May Cry 3 in English and Hiroaki Hirata, who also voiced Ho Yinsen from Marvel Anime: Iron Man, and Bruce McGivern in Namco x Capcom in Japanese.
  • His DLC costume is the "Corrupt Vergil" from Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, and has him turning into his father, Sparda, when in Devil Trigger. Strangely, Vergil never took this figure before. Sparda, however, did use the Yamato alongside his weapon as first seen in the first DMC game when made playable through the Legendary Dark Knight costume.
    • Since the Devil Trigger form is based on Sparda, it bears a striking resemblance to Dante's alternate costume, except for a slightly different color scheme.
  • His ending involves the Muramasa, which is likely to be the original as the second Muramasa Blade had no psychological side-effects while weilding it (e.g. madness which grows stronger, the longer it's weilded).
  • UMVC3 lists Devil May Cry 3 as Vergil's first appreance. This is, in-fact, false. As Vergil originally appeared in the first Devil May Cry as Nelo Angelo. Though however, DMC3 being his first appearance is only chronologically true, due to the first DMC taking place after DMC3.
  • In a close nod to Dante being a possible basis for BlazBlue's Ragna the Bloodedge in terms of character and even sharing similar playstyles, Vergil is no doubt a counterpart and vice versa with Jin Kisaragi of BlazBlue, being cold-blooded Japanese blade-wielding brothers clad in blue against their more morally-minded red-clad brothers, followed by Nero as a basis for Naoto Kurogane, with only a bare fist fight and utilizing the powers through their inhhuman right hand. In terms of playstyle, Vergil has quite a ton of combo potential not unlike Jin's freeze gimmicks, along with long reach on their swords to provide a nice ranged game; both are also very powerful in the hands of proper players and have a variety of zoning tricks with thier projectiles, though Jin does not have a power-up state move outside of the recent BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. Both characters are also reaching the more infamous labelling of the tier-lists of competitive play, for Jin was well known to be a powerful "scrub" character with his attacks being easy to spam; Vergil's case is due to his long combos and excellent reach on his attacks that even reaches behind him.
    • However, notable differences between Jin and Vergil are that oddly enough, Jin has a higher health amount than both Dante and Ragna, while Vergil's stamina rating is among one of the lower ones, and is even lower than Dante. Jin, unlike Vergil also has more variety in his moves, being more of a Jack-of-All-Stats with slow anti-airs but a balanced playstyle (that like Vergil's, also revolves around poking, pressure and zoning). Jin however, lacks a teleport. And unlike with Ragna to Dante, both Jin and Vergil have a single attack that can be charged.
  • His playstyle in DMC4 becomes drastically changed besides mixture of his DmC counterpart's movesets, such as:
    • Can perform Stinger, Judgement Cut, Lunar Phase and all versions of Trick moves in the air
    • Can perform High Time, and Rapid Slash follow up to Rising Sun using Yamato
    • Rising Sun version of Beowulf is part of the Devil Trigger move
    • New Moves like Million Slash (using Yamato), 3rd (two quick slash) to 4th (downward slash) Ground Normal Move attacks, the air combo, and Rising Slash (wait 5 second after 2nd air combo, then press two times)

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