Veil of Mist
Veil of Mist
User Amaterasu
Meter Cost




Execution Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2



Slows down opponent and their assists

Veil of Mist is one of Amaterasu's Hyper Combos. As Amaterasu howls, she releases a purple mist that enshrouds the entire field. This causes the opponents movements to be slowed down. The opponent movement, duration of hitstun and even their attack animation is affected; the slowing effect also affects the opponent's assists.


  • Use this on incoming opponents to force them on the defense.
  • Combined with Amaterasu's ability to mix-up, Veil of Mist can be used to open up opponents easily.
  • Use this with X-Factor to cause some major speed differences between you and your opponent.


  • This is one of Amaterasu's most useful Brush Technique, although not offensive. As it can slow down time, it is widely used to take down enemies and crossing the dungeon environments in Okami.
  • In Okami, the kanji actually disappear to tell the player that time is running out. However this is not the case in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  • The kanji appearing means "stillness".
  • This attack is known as Celestial Brush Mist (筆しらべ 霧隠 Fude Shirabe Kirigakure) in the Japanese version of the game.

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