Welcome to State of... #1! A new semi-regular blog series where I'll be going over the state of the wiki and the games whenever I can, as well as detail projects we should try and focus on! First let me apologize for my absence these last few days, classes have been kicking my ass. Hopefully I'll be able to update more regularly this week!

Now, let's give this a try!

State of the Wiki

So, the wiki is still a bit of a mess. I plan on drafting up some policies regarding character pages and such. Once we have those up to par, I'm thinking we need to give the moves another pass, just to ensure that all the info we're providing is accurate.

If you have any opinions on how these should be handled please let me know. I'm thinking we keep the multiple page format for the characters, with a main general info page more focused on their backgrounds and info from their original series and then the individual game pages with gameplay and story info from those game they appear in.

Meanwhile Strider Kage has been putting in work, fixing up the Alternate Costumes/UMvC3 page, getting it all presentable. I've added a new Under Construction template for general use during big projects, if you want to use it~

I am also currently looking into ripping the game's CSS sprites to build the front page's character template, so expect that in the future.

State of the Game

So Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has come out and people have discovered neat stuff inside the files. For example, they've discovered artwork for some of the upcoming DLC characters! For this particular occasion I'll waive the leak policy since this is all from within the game itself, so concept art is fair game for uploading. I'll probably do it myself later today, if no one has beaten me to it.

DLC is reportedly to begin dropping in October, thought it's hard to say with the horrendous communication by Capcom.

Sales for Infinite haven't been... great. Reportedly it has sold less than Marvel 3 in it's equivalent period, so here's hoping the "Games as a Service" model and passionate community keeps the game afloat and we continue to get updates!

So, that's all for today! Feel free to comment on this to discuss any of the topics touched upon this post, or even something you think should be addressed. I'll try my best to respond to questions and concerns as well!

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