Blaze is an original character of Blaziken16.


Blaze version 2 by blaziken16-d4xhb6h

Blaze's default costume.

A fan of many, Blaze is a powerful fighter who stands up for his friends. He challenges others who are also powerful than him and he does not back down in a fight.

One day, Blaze has heard of a gathering of heroes and villains trying to stop a formidable foe. Blaze goes to the MvC world and challenges the threat.

Fighting Style

Blaze fighting style is more of a shotokan-based character, he mixes a wide arrange of attacks and sometimes use these as his defense. He also has the ability to use fire-based attacks, causing his opponents to burn into the ground. 

Health: 920,000


Blaze takes the form of the Pokemon Blaziken (hence the name). He has spiky red hair and blue eyes, wears a red coat with emblazing styles and wings on its back, red pants also with emblazing styles, black shoes with red and orange colors, and black gloves.


Intro - Blaze does two kicks and prepares for battle.
Crown of fire by blaziken16-d5xbtd3

Blaze's victory pose.

"I challenge you to a fight!"

"This match, is about to explode..."

(To all Street Fighter characters except Akuma) "Finally, a worthy challenge!"

(To Akuma) "This fight will be legendary!"

(To all Fire users) "There can only be one Flame Master. And that's me."

(To Ghost Rider) " Blaze versus Blaze. This will be a weird match."

Victory - Blaze channels his energy, and does his Crown of Fire pose.

"That was a great match."

"I didn't even break a sweat."

(To Akuma) "Your power reminds me of someone..."

(To all Fire users) "Now you know who's the real Flame Master."

X-Factor - "I'm all fired up!"


Time Over - "Damn..."


Calling In - "Tag in!"

After Assist - "Tagging out..."

Replacing Fallen Partners:

One Down - "My turn!"

Last Man Standing - "No way out!"

Taunt - Blaze points at his opponent, with his in flames.

"You're no match for me!"

"Is that all you got?"


Normal Commands:

Standing Double Kick - Blaze stands on his hands and does two kicks. Launcher attack.

Fire Slide - sliding attack. Can OTG.

Fire Jump Kick - Blaze jumps on the ground and does a dive kick next. Can also OTG. Similar to Akuma's Hyakki Goujin.

Hover - Blaze uses his back wings to hover in mid-air.

Raging Blaze - Blaze does multiple downward kicks in mid-air.


Mini Flamethrower - Blaze fires a weak flamethrower from his hands. In mid-air, this is in angle. Can be mashable. Takes 5 hits.

Burn Shaker - Blaze channels his energy and releases a fire pillar from the ground. The distance depends on the special buttons. Can be charged into Holy Burn Shaker. Can OTG. Takes 6 hits.

Fire Tackle - Blaze rushes to the opponent as a human fire ball. The attack continues longer, depending on button is pressed. Can be controlled with the directional buttons. Takes 5 hits.

Fire Trap - Blaze punches the ground and leaves a trail of fire. This attack can OTG and leaves the opponent trapped in the flames for 4 seconds. Blaze can use this 3 times.

Burning Sky Uppercut - Blaze does a fiery uppercut. This can be done twice and can be used in air. Similar to Ken's Shoryuken.

Hyper Combos: 

Super Flamethrower (Lv. 1) - "You're finished! Super Flamethrower!" An upgraded version of Mini Flamethrower. Blaze fires a fully-powered flamethrower that fills the screen. Can be mashable. Takes 30 hits at normal.

Great Fire Tackle (Lv. 1) - "Great... Fire Tackle!" An upgraded version of Fire Tackle. The Hyper can control the direction to where Blaze is going. Similar to Super-Skrull's Skrull Torch. Takes 12 hits.

Flames of Glory (Lv. 3) - "Here's the big one! Gotcha!" Blaze will do a stance (ready kick) and rushily kicks the opponent. If it connects, he will go to the other side of the screen and does a flurry of Fire Punchs and Blaze Kicks. Then, he will punch the opponent in the air, and finishes it with a very power Burning Sky Uppercut. Takes 21 hits, counting the first hit.


Fire Jump Kick (Close Range) - Great Fire Tackle

Burn Shaker (Shot) - Super Flamethrower

Fire Trap (Trap Type) - Super Flamethrower

Color Alternates

Color 1 - Default
Blaze version 1 by blaziken16-d4xdsn3

Blaze's alternate costume.

Color 2 - Shiny Blaze (Shiny Blaziken color)

Color 3 - Voira variant (green, white and red.)

Color 4 - Hot Rod Suit (black and red)

Color 5 - Shadow Blaziken (black variant)

Alternate Costume - Classic Blaze

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