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  • Ultimateporygon12

    Medallia is yet another original character of Blaziken16.

    A dark warrior from the AQWorlds universe, Medallia takes the side of the heroes to destroy Chaos.

    One day, while walking on a plain road, she noticed a strange portal. She enters it and is now on the MvC universe. She thought to herself, "Maybe I should have a good time here." She smirks, as she explores this new dimension.

    Medallia fights a like the DMC characters (Dante, Trish and Vergil). She uses both mixed martial arts and sword fight. She also use dark magic to defeat her foes. And like the DMC characters, she also has an Armor Mode (similar to Devil Trigger).

    Health: 1, 010, 900

    Medallia wears the Dark Crusader armor, an armor worn from the Shadowscythe Army. She also wears a Sha…

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  • Ultimateporygon12

    Yellow Angel is yet another original character of Blaziken16  

    A girl formed from the Yellow Devil's DNA, Angel had nothing to do but to live as a slime girl. As a matter of fact, her life was made easier for her.

    She has been practicing her slime skills, and she was ready. She stole Dr. Wily's telelportation device, and enters the Marvel and Capcom universe.

    Angel has almost all of the skills and attacks of Venom from the orgiginal MvC. Her moves includes weapon formations, slime formations, and the use of her signature weapon, the Angel Cannon, a replica of the Mega Buster.

    Health: 1,020,000

    In human form, she takes an attire of a scientist, wearing a white long-sleeved polo and a red necktie. She also wears blues pants and black leather shoe…

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  • Ultimateporygon12

    Blaze in UMvC3

    March 23, 2013 by Ultimateporygon12

    Blaze is an original character of Blaziken16.

    A fan of many, Blaze is a powerful fighter who stands up for his friends. He challenges others who are also powerful than him and he does not back down in a fight.

    One day, Blaze has heard of a gathering of heroes and villains trying to stop a formidable foe. Blaze goes to the MvC world and challenges the threat.

    Blaze fighting style is more of a shotokan-based character, he mixes a wide arrange of attacks and sometimes use these as his defense. He also has the ability to use fire-based attacks, causing his opponents to burn into the ground. 

    Health: 920,000

    Blaze takes the form of the Pokemon Blaziken (hence the name). He has spiky red hair and blue eyes, wears a red coat with emblazing styles and …

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  • Ultimateporygon12

    Marco in UMvC3

    December 29, 2012 by Ultimateporygon12

    Marco is one of the main characters in Team Heroez. He is an original character of Blaziken16. 

    Leader of the team, powerful, but sarcastic, Marco leads his team to destroy everything from the Darkness Legion.

    Learning about a dimension where two planets are being destroyed, Marco teleports into that dimension and finds out about the plot.

    Marco has a mixture of keep-away and tank styles. Using one of his powerful weapons, the Raijin Blade, Chain Blades of Inazuma, and the Desert Tiger 2.5mm, he can extend much combos from far away into close-range. His fast speed and strong abilities makes him a well-balanced character. His amazing powers are based from Greek mythology. He also has the element of thunder and lightning. His animal spirit is t…

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  • Ultimateporygon12

    Orin in UMvC3

    August 11, 2012 by Ultimateporygon12

    Orin is one of the characters in the human version of Angry Birds.

    Energetic, athletic, and has a love for candy, Orin takes on the world with her knowledge in weaponry. Her name came from the Japanese word orenji meaning orange.

    After Black gets missing, Orin goes to the park where Black went. She saw the portal, thinking that Black is an idiot to go inside the portal. She followered him into the MvC universe.

    Unlike Frank West and Chuck Greene, Orin has the knowledge in using weaponry and adapting items into weapons. Being energetic and athletic, she learned different styles of martial arts and wrestling. Although she can't combine items, she has advanced her skills in adapting many items into weapons.

    Health: 960,000

    She wears an orange jacket…

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