Fretless pointed something out in one of his edits that got me to take a closer look at the character reveal trailers for Ultimate Mvc3. As we all, no doubt, have noticed by now, the new characters' artwork have a colored lighting/shading to them that informs you of their reveal counterpart (Strange and Nemy both have blue-ish coloring, Iron Fist and Verg both have purple, etc.), but there're more clues as to future reveals you may not have picked up on. In the aforementioned trailers, there's a colored explosion followed by a comic book page featuring the new character, with electricity of the same color as the explosion surging behind it. Simultaneous reveals feature the same coloring to the fire and lightning, and each new reveal uses a different color than the last. Here's the kicker though; this color has actually corresponded to the shading on the next characters that were revealed! Need proof? Hawkeye, Strider, Ghost Rider and Firebrand were the first set of reveals and their trailers each featured blue fire/lightning. Who were next? Doc Strange and Nemesis, whose portraits had blue shading/lighting to them! Those trailers had purple pyrotechnics, and lo and behold, the next set of characters were Vergil and Rand! So if this keeps up, then those last two trailers and their yellow/green light show appear to foretell the showcasing of Phoenix Wright and the Rocket Raccoon next! But here's my question: why not save these two, arguably the most off-the-wall inclusions, for last? And if they aren't for last, why not show them off at the Tokyo Game Show? I would think they'd get the best reception there off all places; c'mon, you know Rocket was Capcom's idea.

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