• The Shadow User

    With the announcement of Storm and Crimson Viper, MvC3 is coming closer and the roster is getting larger. But there are still characters I really want to see added. This is my MvC3 wish list.

    Marvel characters Capcom characters

    Spider-Woman/ Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)

    Moon Knight/ Ken Masters (Street Fighter series)

    Black Bolt/ Juri (Street Fighter series)

    Green Goblin/ Nero (Devil May Cry 4)

    Songbird/ Axl (Mega Man series)

    The Sandman/ Captain Blue Jr. (Viewtiful Joe)

    Nightcrawler/ Captain Commando (Captain Commando)

    Loki/ B.B. Hood (Darkstalkers)

    Penance/ Dr. Wily (Mega Man series)

    Gambit/ M. Bison (Street Fighter series)

    Dr. Octopus/ Vega (Street Fighter series)

    Jean Grey/ Sprocket (Viewtiful Joe)

    Any suggestions of your own? I still have MANY ot…

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