Hey everyone. I'm back, and what better way to be back than with a little special something. A gift you would say. So, throughout the rest of December, I will do one character from any franchise and do a moveset for them. Now, although this sounds like a disastrous idea, I do have a few rules for you to read.



Here they are:

1. The characters you can suggest can also be one that someone else already did.

2. The characters cannot been one of the fighters in the previous MVC games.(Background and assist characters don't count)

And most importantly.

3. They may not originate from a fighting game(This includes the Souls Series, Tekken, and Dynasty Warriors. I'm not kidding. Dynasty Warriors started out as a fighting game, look it up.) But the keyword is ORIGINATE. If they were in a fighting game after their debut.(Sonic the Fighters, Smash Bros, Etc.) I'll allow it.

With that said, have fun and post your suggestions in the comments!

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