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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Name: Cosmo

    Bio: Cosmo was a former test animal of the Soviet Space Program. He was launched into Earth's orbit as part of an experiment but he drifted off into space at some point during the 1960's, arriving in Knowhere and at some point being mutated, he eventually came to serve as the station's security chief.

    Description: a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross-breed wearing a 60's Soviet space suit and a little jetpack.

    Voice: Frank Welker

    HP: 790,000

    Playstyle: Cosmo's neutral pose stands just a little taller than Amaterasu, and although he does have one or two moves from her, his playstyle is different in that he's more of a keepaway-trap character. He can triple jump or fly(Can't do both.) and can forward dash twice.

    Intro: Cosmo is seen reapp…

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Hey everyone. I'm back, and what better way to be back than with a little special something. A gift you would say. So, throughout the rest of December, I will do one character from any franchise and do a moveset for them. Now, although this sounds like a disastrous idea, I do have a few rules for you to read.



    Here they are:

    1. The characters you can suggest can also be one that someone else already did.

    2. The characters cannot been one of the fighters in the previous MVC games.(Background and assist characters don't count)

    And most importantly.

    3. They may not originate from a fighting game(This includes the Souls Series, Tekken, and Dynasty Warriors. I'm not kidding. Dynasty Warriors started out as a fighting game, look it up.) But …

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    If you think I'm joking, see here!

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Eve in UMVC3

    August 30, 2012 by TheGamerDudeGuy

    Unlike my other concepts, these characters is all mine. If you have something to say, be honest. With that out of the way, enjoy!

    Name: Eve

    Nickname: "The modern-day Youkai"

    Theme: {or}

    Description: Greyish hair, with a hint of pink in it. Amber eyes, with tan skin. Wears a shirt that shows her waist, along with jeans. Has a VERY long scarf that can cover her mouth. Also she has a tail that has cute little spikes at the end of it.

    VA: Karen Strassman(ENG), Yuri Amano(JAP)

    HP: 790,000

    Bio: In a world-! No, that's been done to death. (Thinks for a little bit) Damn, everything else has been taken! I'll just have to wing it.

    Eve is a mo…

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  • TheGamerDudeGuy

    Adam in UMVC3

    June 9, 2012 by TheGamerDudeGuy

    Themes: Scatman John: Everybody Jam [OR] (Fist) {} Final Fantasy 2(PSP): Boss(Mage) {} [OR] [OR] (Mythical)

    Description: Slightly chubby, brown hair with hazel eyes. Wears a biker jacket with shorts. Also wears glasses.

    VA: Tony Oliver (OR) Jason Griffith (OR) Crispin Freeman(ENG) {} Tomokazu Seki (OR) Nobuyuki Hiyama(JAP)

    HP: 840,600

    Bio: Adam is ordinary except for one thing: He has a big imagination! Everyday after high school, he'd close the door to his bedroom and began to write about his ideas.

    One day, Adam woke up and found himself in this …

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