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  • Tails6000

    UMvC3 Concept: Lythero

    August 3, 2012 by Tails6000

    • Name: Lythero
    • Theme:Examination: Allegro Cadenza Mix
    • Turnabout:Remix of Caught
    • VA: Lythero/??? (likely lythero in japanese)
    • HP:1,001,150
    • DLC Stage: Demon Palace Courtroom

    (Note: this takes place near exactly as my story so don't be surprised if it's similar)

    Lythero was a known around the world as "The Best Phoenix Wright in the world" He kept that title as a high regard, because he was avid for Phoenix's inclusion to ultimate. One day he was preparing alobby match and a fan of his, known as an alias of 'Houdini Jr' messaged him saying he was ready. He had sent the invite as soon as possible, but after he sent it he got sucked into the game!

    He woke up hours later in an ace attorney-like court room, seeing that he got sucked into the game. But thi…

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  • Tails6000

    ...heheh you never saw this coming huh? I'm making a concept...OF MYSELF! or at least using my alias over Xbox and using it as me.

    Anyways, I struck the thought of lythero after seeing stylemaster's max, and thought 'since I did fight lythero why not make him?' after making a to-do list I decided to add myself to it. so here you go. you see ME! IN THE FLESH! er....gaming wise anyways

    Name: Houdini Jr.

    Theme Plastic Night or SvC Chaos: Forest Stage

    VA: Tails6000 (me)/ (most likely me if I learn japanese)

    HP: 1,000,150

    DLC Stage: Crystal Shrine

    Bio: Houdini Jr is a highschooler with a knack for gaming. He usually is a good competitor in the gaming communities, Has an exceptionally big game collection. Tries to be as friendly as possible with a smal…

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  • Tails6000

    Considering someone had the idea for shonen jump alone to fight marvel, I had the idea to make shonen vs capcom, with not just jump, but with sunday and magazine as well.

    the game of Shonen Sunday vs Magazine gave me the idea to place them all as one team, as it'd be incomplete with just jump characters.

    The game will act like UMvC3 in terms of teams,and certain mechanics, also bringing in new ones

    One thing for sure is there will be that hyper clash mechanic with 2 hypers colliding, with one player trying to counter it with more hypers.

    so for example

    Frank, and ichigo attempt to hyper eachother, and they collide

    Frank calls in dante for million dollars, and then sesshomaru for dragon strike, ichigo's hyper is overruled.

    A mechanic I got for som…

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