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    This is my third blog post ever and second Castlevania-themed blog. This is Richter Belmont in UMVC3 concept. If you don't know who Richter is, play "Castlevania: Rondo of Blood" or "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night". I want to thank TheGamerDudeGuy and Tails6000. Kudos to you, guys.

    Name: Richter

    Theme: Divine Bloodlines

    VA: David Vincent(ENG) {} Kiyoyuki Yanada(JAP)

    HP: 925,000

    Bio: A descendant of the legendary clan of vampire hunters, Richter was called "the strongest Belmont of his time". Brandishing the famous Vampire Killer Whip as many of his ancestors, he pushed Dracula to the brink. Five years later he succumbed to the evil influence of dark priest Shaft, and his fate would be sealed, if Alucard didn’t save him. They have become all…

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  • StyleMazter

    Ok, it's my second blog post. I was asked to do this, and I want to thank TheGamerDudeGuy and Tails6000, who helped me with this concept.

    Name: Alucard

    Themes: Dracula’s Castle (OR) The Tragic Prince

    VA: Yuri Lowenthal(ENG) {} Ryotaro Okiayu(JAP)

    HP: 900,000

    Bio: Alucard, the vampire prince and son of Dracula, had long fought alongside humans to vanquish his father once and for all. But The Dark Lord will come to those who call him with praise and tribute. So Alucard wandered all over the world, seeking the key to his father’s complete destruction.

    One day, Alucard felt that something strange has happened. He fell unconscious and woke up in an unknown place. He thought that he might find something that can destroy his father forever.

    So, The Son …

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  • StyleMazter

    Max in UMVC3

    July 21, 2012 by StyleMazter

    Okay, this is my first attempt to do a blog post. I want to thank TheGamerDudeGuy, who has inspired me to do this, and all guys on MVC Wiki. If you don't know who Max is, check out "Miles923" channel on YouTube. And, of course, subscribe to his channel.

    Name: Max

    Theme: This is True Love We’re Makin’ (OR) Do It Now! (Jago Theme) .

    VA: Maximillian Christiansen (Hope Max will learn Japanese).

    HP: 925,000

    DLC Stage: Max's Apartament.

    Bio: Max is a great video games player, known in FGC as The Online Warrior. He runs a show named “Assist Me!” and provides players from all over the world with valuable information and good advice.

    One day, Max played UMVC3 as usual. But suddenly the game started to suck Max inside. He woke up and found out that he bec…

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