• Slasher Chaos

    Hiya, guys and gals, I am making a blog entry for my dream character that I wish to be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of the Two Worlds.

    It's Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2, Nothing against Frank West, I just want Chuck to be in a crossover game xD, to me, he can use his combo weapons from the game as his support attacks and hyper combos. He will use his Spiked Bat (Baseball Bat with nails in it) in his normal attacks and normally finish off combos with his Defiler (Sledgehammer with two fireman's axes taped to it).

    • (Projectile) Hail Mary - Chuck will hurl a Hail Mary (A football with grenades taped to it) at his foe for a explosive result.
    • (Dash) Super Slicer - Chuck will put a Super Slicer (A Servbot mask with a Lawnmower motor and blades com…

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