Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami
Name Iori Yagami
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Yagami style of ancient martial arts combined with pure instinct, Yasakani no Magatama, Enchanted Claws
Affiliation Anti-Hero
Vitality 1.000,000
First Appearance The King of Fighter '95 (1995)
Game The King of Fighters series
Voiced By Kunihiko Yasui (JPN), Jack Merluzzi (ENG)
Company SNK

Alright, this is my build for SNK's Iori Yagami from KOF as DLC guest fighter, since the company involves to Capcom's vs. crossover series. It is based on his post-XI appearance and had his moves mixed between his XIII (both Normal and EX)/XI/SvC/NGBC/MIA/CvS2. He also will be Wolvie's rival, due to their badass attitudes.

Theme: Arashi no Saxaphone (XIII)


Iori is the heir to one of the three clans that sealed the legendary snake entity, Orochi, 1,800 years ago. His clan, formerly known as the Yasakani (八尺瓊, Yasakani), wields pyrokinetic powers. They keep the seal over Orochi intact with help from the Kusanagi and Yata clans using three ancient artifacts. His family's treasure is the Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊曲玉, Yasakani no Magatama) and his family crest is the crescent moon, which he wears on the back of his old jacket. He is the initial enemy and eventual rival of Kyo Kusanagi. During the aftermath of the XI tournament, Iori's went berserk into Orochi Iori and his Magatama was stolen by a person name Ash Crimson. After the disappearance of Ash's existence in aftermath of XIII tournament, he regained his flames. Back in action, he challenges Kyo to an undecided outcome.

Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α 108 Shiki: Yamibarai H Shot Front Ura 108 Shiki Ya Sakazuki
β 100 Shiki: Oniyaki H Direct Upward Ura 108 Shiki Ya Sakazuki
γ 129 Shiki: Akegarasu Direct Front Ura 108 Shiki Ya Sakazuki

Move Name



Geshiki: Yumebiki Arcade Modifier (Air)Attack m during standing Attack m
  • A memorable 2x hit button press.
  • Same as Captain America's Double Kick.
  • Can now be done in the air.
Geshiki: Goufu In "Shinigami AS Right+Attack m
  • A memorable axe kick from KOF franchise.
  • Same as Ryu's Collarbone Breaker's properties.
  • Cause High.
  • Can be cancel into special/hyper moves or X-Factor.
Geshiki: Kui Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
  • Origin: KOF XII.
  • Cause 2x hit and High.
  • Can be cancel into Exchange button.
108 Shiki: Yamibarai AS QCF+Attack button
  • A memorable floor shot moves from entire KOF series.
  • Cause OTG.
>109 Shiki: Kousen Barai Attack hard during 108 Shiki: Yamibarai
  • Origin: KOF2006/MI2.
  • Cause Soft Knockdown.
100 Shiki: Oniyaki Arcade Modifier (Air)AS S+Attack button
  • A memorable puple flamed dragon punch moves from entire KOF series.
  • Also works n the air.
311 Shiki: Tsumagushi Attack h during 100 Shiki: Oniyaki
  • Origin: SvC Chaos.
  • Cause Ground Bounce.
Kuzukaze AS S+Exchange button
  • One of Iori's memorable throwing side switch move.
  • No damage.
  • Same as Jill's switch side throw move properties.
217 Shiki: Aoihana AS QCB+Attack button
  • A memorable 3 time hits from KOF franchise, second hit by pressing Attack h and third by pressing Exchange button.
  • 2nd hit cause High and Soft Knockdown and 3rd hit cause Ground Bounce and Hard Knockdown.
217 Shiki: Aoihana AS QCB+Exchange button
  • One of Iori's memorable punishable moves.
  • Cause Invuln. Startup, OTG, Soft Knockdown and Hard Knockdown.
104 Shiki: Nueuchi AS RS+Attack l
  • Origin: KOFXII.
  • Cause High and Crumple.
401 Shiki: Shogetsu AS RS+Attack m
  • Origin: KOFXII.
  • Cause 2x hit, OTG and 2nd hit cause Soft Knockdown.
  • Can be followed from 104 Shiki : Nueuchi.
129 Shiki: Akegarasu AS RS+Attack h
  • Origin: KOFXII.
  • Cause High, Strike and Projectile Nullify.
  • Can be followed from 104 Shiki : Nueuchi or/and 401 Shiki : Shogetsu.
Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki AS QCF+Attack button 2x
  • One of Iori's memorable Hyper Moves projectile, no longer chargable.
  • Cause OTG and Hard Knockdown.
  • Same as Magneto's Magnetic Shockwave properties.
Kin 1211 Shiki: Yaotome AS S+Attack button 2x
  • One of Iori's memorable Hyper Moves, last hit based on XII/XIII with flame effects.
  • Cause Invuln. Startup and last hit cause Strike.
>Ura 306 Shiki: Saika AS QCF+Attack h during Kin 1211 Shiki: Yaotome
  • Origin: SvC Chaos
  • Cause Invuln. Startup and 2nd hit cause Strike.
  • Does not cost a hyper meter.
  • Same as She-Hulk's hyper properties.
>>Ura 1207 Shiki: Yamisogi AS QCF+Exchange button during Ura 306 Shiki: Saika
  • Origin: KOF 2000.
  • Cause Invuln. Startup, 2nd hit cause Hard Knockdown and 3rd hit cause Strike.
  • Does not cost a hyper meter.
  • Same as She-Hulk's hyper properties.
Ura 77 Shiki Wagiwai Kaze AS QCB+Attack button 2x
  • Origin: KOF2006/MI2.
  • Using Orochi bloodline by transforming into Orochi Iori.
  • Gained 10% speed and Level 3 and drained 10% health in 10 seconds, same properties as Ryu's Hado Kakusei, Wolverine's Berserker Charge and Vergii's Devil Trigger properties.
>Chi no Buso San Shingi no Ni-Yatagarasu (Level 3) AS QCB+Attack button 2x during Ura 77 Shiki Wagiwai Kaze
  • Origin: Chi no Buso (NGBC, originally SvC), Yatagarasu (XIII), San Shingi no Ni (2003).
  • While as Orochi Iori. When the opponent gets hit, the screens shows blank, then showed that the background turns red and the characters turns all black which is shows Iori's attacks, followed from Chi no Buso to Yatagarasu moves and then goes to San Shingi no Ni as the background and characters revert back to normal as Iori punished the opponent with his chocked flame attacks, the last hit shows a red/black screen again as Iori attacks with his flammable claw attacks, after the attacks the opponent on the last hit, he revert back to normal when the time lives into 0 second while he's in headache because of Orochi bloodline uses.
  • Cause Invuln. Startup, San Shingi no Ni can cause Mashable, last hit cause Strike.

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