Today @ CES Capcom announced two new characters! Mike Hagger and Phoenix joined the brawl!

Mike Hagger brings his wrestling moves to the homefront with attacks like pile drivers and body slams. In his character reveal trailer he shows off three hyper combos. The first one is kinda like a super body slam with fire. He jumps into the air body slams covered in fire and comes down, this takes up a large amount of the screen. Then the second one is a massive punching combo that ends with a uppercut and a downward punch. For his last one, he slams them into the ground, spins them around fiercely, throws them into the air, grabs them and spin-pile drives them into the ground three time.

Phoenix (not Phoenix WRIGHT!), from X-Men, brings her fire powers to the battlefield. Every hit she makes incinerates the opponent although it doesnt make the attack any more powerful. In her reveal trailer she also shows off three (???) hyper combos. Her first one she yells "I'm at full power!!" and sends a giant phoenix of fire at them. Her second one is a non-dameging hyper combo. She covers herself in a giant ball that refills her damage but not her lost health just her red health bar. She also has another surprising hyper combo (???), if she dies with a completely maxed out stock bar she comes back to life as Dark Phoenix with a full health bar but it degenerates slowly.

Watch the trailers here:

Mike Hagger:


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