Hey guys and gals, Lasmoore here.

Ya know. I say we need more Dead Rising Characters. Personally i would like Chuck or Frank. But, we need a villian. It was a tuff choice on either Sullivan, Brock Mason, or Adam the Clown. I had i movest for Adam so i might make a blog for him.


Projectile Moves: His only projectile move is shooting his foe with a pistol.

His attacks are mainly just hand to hand combat moves.

Air attacks: To get you up in the air, a hook comes down from the sky and pulls you. He jumps and lands combos on you.

Special Move: His special move is tripping you and shooting you in the face.

Assits Moves: His first assit move is coming out and shooting you. His second is tossing a grenade. His third is hitting you with an ax.

Hyper Combos

Mortar Strike: He tosses a flare and a bomb will hit the location

AC-130: He escapes the screen and bombards the player with bombs

This has no name: He pulls out a shotgun shoots you two times then a third time launching you up and then pulls out a fire ax and beats you with it in the air then hits you downward shouts "HAIL MARY" or "This is your funeral" and throws a hail mary down ending the combo.


Sorry messed up right here

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