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  • Lasifer

    Lasmoore here, back with a new character idea. Today we hit a Marvel character, The Green Goblin.

    Intrance: He rides in on his glider then it flys off.

    Special conversations: Vs Spidey: "Meet your demise spider-man!" Vs Frank West "Another photographer, oh please." Vs Venom or Carnage "You think your more powerful than spider-man, your a meer copy." Vs Iron Man w/ Iron Patriot suit: "You got my suit? Impossible!" Win Quotes: Vs Akuma: "What makes you think you can kill a god?" Vs Spidey: "You fool, Ill go off and terrorize Mary Jane if you dont mind."

    Ranged attacks: He mainly throws pumpkin bombs at you. He can also throw electrical discharges which shocks enemys

    Close-Ranged attacks: He lands some kicks and punches on you. And uses his broo…

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  • Lasifer

    Hey guys and gals, Lasmoore here.

    Ya know. I say we need more Dead Rising Characters. Personally i would like Chuck or Frank. But, we need a villian. It was a tuff choice on either Sullivan, Brock Mason, or Adam the Clown. I had i movest for Adam so i might make a blog for him.

    Projectile Moves: His only projectile move is shooting his foe with a pistol.

    His attacks are mainly just hand to hand combat moves.

    Air attacks: To get you up in the air, a hook comes down from the sky and pulls you. He jumps and lands combos on you.

    Special Move: His special move is tripping you and shooting you in the face.

    Assits Moves: His first assit move is coming out and shooting you. His second is tossing a grenade. His third is hitting you with an ax.

    Mortar Str…

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