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    Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright's Level 3 Hyper Combo, and is only available in Turnabout Mode. Wright appears at his desk and accuses the opponent of committing the crime he is investigating during the match, unleashing an energy beam from his index finger that pierces and shocks the opponent with guilt. He goes on to present his evidence, electrocuting him/her, before unleashing a mighty "Take that!" text bubble which leaves the opponent in an explosion, as he/she suffers a breakdown in a typical Ace Attorney fashion.

    Now you probably wonder Wright accuses his opponents on what charges. You can help me set the charges by commenting. Remember, charges to UMvC3 characters only.

    • Ryu: Vandalism, assault, murder (if he was Evil Ryu)
    • Tron Bonne: Pir…
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  • IslamLEGION

    Smash Bros X All-Stars vs. Marvel X Capcom is a crossover of three fighting games, Super Smash BrosPlaystation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Marvel vs Capcom.

    This game has two gameplay styles, Smash Bros X All-Stars style and Marvel X Capcom style.

    Smash Bros X All-Stars style will follow the gameplay style of Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    Marvel X Capcom style will use the same gameplay style as Marvel vs Capcom 3, the Assist is available in

    Smash Bros X All-Stars Character Marvel X Capcom Rival Reasons and Connections
    Wii Fit Trainer (Super Smash Bros 4) Phoenix Wright Both came to a crossover fighting game despite not having any fighting experience.
    Evil Cole MacGrath (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) Phoenix

    Samus Aran (S…

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