Hey guys I just like to say thanks for all you contributors that is doing a good job making this wiki page up to date and very informative. Some stuff still needs to be adressed like giving this wiki some pizzazz. But since I don't do that great with coding I am trusting you guys to maintain a good job on it. It is better then how it first became. If you guys got any questions or suggestions please! let us know~ Just a few little things I want to mentioned before I forget since last I came new wiki users came.

All Trivias from characters should be relevant in some sort of way. Don't add random stuff like "Jill's attire is similar to Zero Suit Samus" We had that before and bleh.

This is the MvC wiki. So lets add more info on stuff like moves. I am not saying to go crazy and add frame data and what not but at least give a good description of the moves and maybe something else.

UMvC 3 is getting closer and closer and we are nearing completion of this wiki once all the character gets revealed. But that doesn't mean its over. Capcom can always change stuff and its our duty to change content here when its needed. So thats all for now and thanks for keeping up the good job.


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