Okay im hyped and excited about the reveal of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite I decided to do my own wishlist or have a good fealing that will be in the game. Also im doing Marvel characters that are part of the MCU or have a high change of appearing in it.

Also who do you think is final boss?

Marvel:                                                                Capcom:
Ultron                                                                   Asura
Loki                                                                     Yasha
Black Widow                                                        Sigma
Spider-Man (return)                                               Soki (Onimusha
Venom                                                                 Demitri
Carnage                                                               Pyron
Ghost Rider (return)                                              Jedah
Thanos                                                                Jon Talbain
Thor (return)                                                         Chun-Li (return)
Dr. Strange (return)                                               Felicia (return)
Dormammu (return)                                              Dante (return)
Black Panther                                                      Nero
Black Cat                                                            Lucia (DMC2)
Ant-Man                                                              Zero (return)
Destroyer Armor                                                  M. Bison
Hela                                                                   Cammy White
Vulture                                                               Chris Redfield (return)
Hive (Agents of Shild)                                          Jill Valentine (MvC2 version and return)
Mardarin                                                             Albert Wesker (return)
Surtur                                                                Nemesis (return)
Black Heart                                                        Nobunaga Oda
Star Lord                                                           Ruby Heart (return)
Groot                                                                Captain Commando
The Punisher                                                     Strider Hiryu (return)
War Machine                                                     Arthur
Shuma Gorath                                                   Astaroth
The Vision                                                         Chakravartin
Gamora                                                             Vile
Rocket Raccoon                                                 Ken Masters
Red Skull                                                          Regina (Dino Crisis)
Winter Soldier                                                    Leon S. Kennedy
Hulk (return)                                                      William Birkin (Form 2 or 3)
Doctor Octopus                                                 Gill
Green Goblin                                                     Jin
Beta Ray Bill                                                     Lady
Drax                                                        Amaterasu (return)
Ronan                                                              Nelo Angelo
Daredevil                                                         Mike Hagger

So that my wishlist, keep in mind these are characters that I like a lot, ill mybe add more if they pop up in my head, what is your wishlist? --HollowIchigo58 (talk) 05:18, December 5, 2016 (UTC)

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