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  • HollowIchigo58

    Me and my best friend was talkin about this and we think it would pretty awesome if MvCI had 2 final bosses, similar to Soul Calibur 3 or Street Fighter 4.

    The normal Final Boss: Ultron-Sigma with some Giant Form

    Secret Final Boss: Thanos with the Infinite Gauntlet and Gems

    So what does everyone else think of this idea?

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  • HollowIchigo58

    Okay im hyped and excited about the reveal of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite I decided to do my own wishlist or have a good fealing that will be in the game. Also im doing Marvel characters that are part of the MCU or have a high change of appearing in it.

    Also who do you think is final boss?

    Marvel:                                                                Capcom:
    Ultron                                                                   Asura
    Loki                                                                     Yasha
    Black Widow                                                        Sigma
    Spider-Man (return)                                               Soki (Onimusha
    Venom                                                                 Demiā€¦
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