A few months ago, there was a vote to determine eight players that will play it out in the Capcom Cup in December 14. People could vote only 3 players out of a possible 17 suggested or an unknown player of their own choosing who they think is the hypest to watch. The votes are in for the 8 players who will participate in the Capcom Cup. They are:

1. Nemo

2. EG|Justin Wong

3. Kane Blueriver

4. EMP|IFC YipeS


6. AGE|NYChrisG

7. coL|Filipino Champ

8. BT|MarlinPie Capcomcup-umvc3-voteresults

Additionally, Capcom announced a FT5 with EVO 2013 Champion, EMP|Flocker. The winner will get $1000 prize money and the title of Capcom Cup holder.

So, with the 8 players announced, who do you think will take the title? And do you think they have what it takes to beat the EVO Champion?


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