Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright
Name Phoenix Wright/ Ryuuichi Naruhodou (in Japan)
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Incredible luck, lawyer skills, remarkable observation and investigation skills, can see & break Psyche-Locks
Affiliation Lawful Hero
Vitality 1,000,000
First Appearance

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Oct,2001)

Game Ace Attorney series
Voiced By Sam Riegel (ENG/MVC3)
Kousuke Toriumi (JPN/UMVC3)
Company Capcom

"Give up your life of crime!"

OK, so we all know Phoenix Wright is one of the worst characters in the game. Bad normals, bad mobility, heavily reliant on luck and a game breaking mode that can rarely be attained.

I want to try and fix Phoenix Wright. How Nitsuuma created his moveset was based on his ability to turn around nasty situations. I want to try a different approach, where he punishes you for making mistakes much like in Courtroom scenes where he presses for little mistakes and makes you sorry for them. I'm not entirely sure how a punishing character would act. The only one I know is Guile.

I will be redoing his specials and hypers. The idea of the characters having Super Armor during some moves is because of their undying will to find the truth

Gameplay changes

  • I will be removing his stance modes. His Turnabout Mode is a powerup hyper
  • Maya will always be on Phoenix Wright's side. Though she can be hit and cancel her attacks. Damage done to her will not damage Phoenix Wright. She does have however a hidden stun meter. 250,000 unscaled damage will make her stunned for 3 seconds once she stand up. With the shield, she takes no damage. Maya also follows you where ever you go, if you jump, she'll jump. If you crouch, she'll crouch. If you're in an air combo while Maya is on the ground, she'll follow where you go but on the ground only.
  • "Hold it!" will guarantee a dizzy state if done on counter. It is a lot faster as well.
  • His normals will be his Investigation Mode normals.

Special Attacks

Move Name



Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Whilst on the ground:

  • Attack light - Transceiver - shoots a thin multihitting beam. Like Photo
  • Attack m - Sacred Urn - Summons an orb that stay on the field and then disperse. When they disperse, they have a bigger hitbox. Like Portfolio. Up to three can be on the field at once.
  • Attack h - Samurai Spear - shoots a blue projectile into the air that locks onto the opponent later. Like Energy Javelin. Causes Ground Bounce on airborne opponents

Whilst in the air. He faces the ground while presenting:

  • Attack light - Coldkiller X - fires a simple orb projectile. Like Watch. Hits OTG
  • Attack m - Umbrella - summons an orb that lock onto the opponent later. Like Cellphone. Up to three can be on the field at once.
  • Attack h - The Thinker - shoots three projectiles in three different angles. Like Knife. Hits OTG

Arcade Stick QCF+Special

On counter - The opponent is chained up with a Psyche-Lock and drop to the ground like Deadpool's Bolo. [Projectile only] Projectiles/beams also disappear if they've fired one.

Not on counter - Phoenix recovers quickly but takes 30,000 damage himself.

Assists cannot be countered


Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Same thing

  • Attack light - The paper floats high
  • Attack m - The paper floats low

During Turnabout Mode, the hitbox increase.

Press the Witness

Arcade Stick S+Attack h

Same thing. Has Super Armor

Causes a Wall Bounce during Turnabout Mode.


Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button

Only when Maya is grounded and not stunned and nearby Wright

  • Attack light - Shield. 250,000 points can be absorbed. Hit behind her and she stops.
  • Attack m - Charges at her opponent but trips and hits low. Hits OTG.
  • Attack h - Charges at her opponent with flailing arms. Has Super Armor. Overhead. Causes Ground Bounce on crouching opponents.


Arcade Stick QCB+Special

Only when Maya is grounded, not stunned and nearby Wright

Maya channels Mia.

On counter - the opponent will be in a dizzy state. [Physical moves only]

Not on counter - Phoenix Wright will be surprised at Mia, giving the opponent a chance to attack.

Maya takes 30,000 damage whether or not the attack counters.

Assists cannot be countered.

Aid for Wright

AS RS+Attack button

  • Attack light - Gumshoe - Summons Missile who hits low. Spinning Knockdown. Hits OTG.
  • Attack m - Franzika - Does an anti-air whip combo that reaches full screen.
  • Attack h - Godot - Chucks a hot mug of coffee. The coffee has a lot of durability but loses to beams
  • Special - Larry - Swings his paintbrush in a crazy manner, hitting like Mystic Swords.

They can be hit and cancel their attacks. Only one character at a time.


Attack button+Special

Searches the ground for evidence with Maya. Acts like V-Dodge.

On counter - You get some health replenished or some meter gain

Not on counter - You'll be susceptible to a combo and get no reward

Hyper Combos

Move Name



Order in the Court

"Order in the Court! OBJECTION OVERULED!"

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x

Same thing. Beats out a lot of Hypers and puts Phoenix Wright and Maya in a hard knockdown. He nor Maya takes any damage.


"Don't try hiding from me"

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x

Wright says "Take That!" with the speech bubble. If it hits the opponent or a fired projectile... (Take That! does no damage)

On counter - The opponent is chained up with 5 Psyche-Locks in mid-air. They cannot move or do anything. Return back to the battle and Wright is able to present evidence to break each lock one at a time on the chained up opponent until he is free. Wright can also normally attack the opponent but they are immediately free from the Locks. He cannot build meter during this time.

If you do not attack them for 2 seconds, they will be released. But you could do this, present evidence, wait, present evidence, wait, etc. So the timer resets if you present evidence.

Not on counter - Phoenix recovers quickly but takes 100,000 damage himself.

Turnabout Mode

"I got all I need!"

Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x

Wright says "Objection!" with the speech bubble. If it hits the opponent, he will enter Turnabout Mode for 10 seconds. Only 15% speed and power increase. Moves also get a buff. He cannot build meter during this mode.

If blocked, it does nothing and leaves Wright open for combos.

His friends and himself gain Hyper Armor as well. Maya also does not take any damage for her stun meter. As an assist, he lacks the Hyper Armor but gains some frames of invincibility.

Ace Attorney

"The one who committed the crime..."

Level 3

(Only in Turnabout Mode)

Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x

Same thing. Omni-directional but more frames of startup with invincibility. Same amount of damage as it is technically a Lv4 Hyper.


Phoenix Wright is best off in the 2nd Position. Whilst his assists are not that great, he is excellent with DHCs. Psyche-Lock as a DHC is very broken. Chain your opponent, then present the Sacred Urn 4 times and then the Samurai Spear. This causes a ground bounce and you can continue comboing off it, gaining momentum for you during the fight. This supports his concept, make a mistake and you pay for it.

He also has a number of unblockables.


M-Maya!? M + Slip Up

M-Maya!? H + Aid for Wright L

Psyche-Lock is deadly, you could do some crazy combos/setups. Say you catch your opponent, you could present Sacred Urn 4 times and a Samurai Spear to put them in Ground Bounce. Then use Turnabout Mode to buff yourself for some major damage.

You can use Aid for Wright S and use Turnabout Mode for a free buff.

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