Real Name Amaterasu
Gender Female
Weapon/Power Celestial Brush, Divine Instruments
Affiliation Heroine
Vitality 830,000
First Appearance Okami (Sep,2006)
Game Okami
Company Capcom

"Ammy! Chill out! Don't you know it's bad to bite people who are down on their luck?"
—Issun, via Amaterasu's victory quote.

I honestly feel that Amaterasu in MVC3 is not potrayed as well as she should be. Some of her Celestial Brush techniques became throws only which kind of bummered me. Also, IIRC, she doesn't have a wall jump or maybe a wall cling(Catwalk technique)

So I'm writing this to give you an idea of what I wished Ammy would have been.

NOTE: I'm only working on Special moves. Hypers/Assists are OK for me. I have no qualms about them

Gameplay changes

  • What I have done is that I've reworked the weapon systems for her and added Sub Weapon system like in the game Okami.
  • She can also cancel her Weapon moves and her specials into her Celestial Brush Techniques. Even for her Rosary. I'll state which are these.
  • She can wall cling and wall jump as well.
  • Her launcher is changed into Bloom where a tree immediately pops up in front of her. Disappears immediately.
  • She can also double jump

Special Attacks

Move Name


Main Weapon Change

Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack button

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Pretty much the same.
Sub Weapon Change


Arcade Modifier (Air)

Allocates the current weapon as her Sub Weapon. She can have both the Main Weapon and the Sub Weapon at the same time. If she does, her Arcade Stick Right+Attack h gains more damage.
Main Weapon

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button

Pretty much the same for Reflector and Beads. But for Glaive:

  • Attack light - Lunges forward
  • Attack m - Dashes forward a bit and lunges upward
  • Attack h - Jumps up and slams her Glaive. Similar to Thunder Edge.

These can be charged.

Sub Weapon

Arcade Stick QCF+Special

Arcade Modifier (Air)

These depend on her Sub Weapon selected.

  • Reflector - Puts up her shield and reflects projectiles. When done in air, she reflects any physical attacks but for a split second.
  • Glaive - Lunges diagonally upwards with her sword. When done in air, she slams her Glaive like Thunder Edge. Can be charged.
  • Rosary - Shoots projectiles forward. When done in air, she shoots it downwards.
Head Charge

Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Arcade Modifier (Air)

When done in Air, its still the same thing. Whilst on the ground:

  • Attack light - Charges forward
  • Attack m - Charges upward diagonally
  • Attack h - Charged directly up. Becomes in neutral state after move.

Power Slash

[Brush Tech]

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button

Same thing

Cherry Bomb

[Brush Tech]

AS RS+Attack button

Ammy summons a bomb that falls to the ground. It falls pretty fast too, useful for OTG. It explodes on the enemy or after 2 seconds. It is counted as a projectile. She can push it to provide pressure for her opponent and her opponent can kick it away. When it explodes, she does not take damage. Attack power determines the distance of the bomb. She can summon another bomb by pressing another button after the input. Up to 3 in total can be on the field. It has low chip, low hitstun and low durability.

  • Attack light - Right in front of her
  • Attack m - Half screen away.
  • Attack h - Nearly full screen. Just one character spaces away from the end.


[Brush Tech]

AS RS+Special


Arcade Stick S+Special

Like Storm's Wind moves, Ammy can drag her opponents in or out. It is also used to move the Cherry Bomb. Great for pressure.


Attack button+Special

Amaterasu sidesteps either forward or backwards, depending on the direction held. If done on neutral, she'll sidestep backwards. She is invincible during this time.

Props to "RoccoRed" for this upgraded idea

Brown Rage


Amaterasu literally poops on her opponent. Hits OTG and deals only 10,000 damage. Please, feel free to beat Galactus with this or make someone very salty.

Props to "askinywhiteguy" for this idea

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