Kind of an idea I thought up. The two big comic/manga companies from opposite sides of the world battle it out in a crazy style battle. I'm thinking it utilises aspects of MVC3 such as button layout but also aspects from JUMP Ultimate Stars such as a deck and assists.


This game will have teams of two pitted in a brawl where 1v1 at a time. They can choose three cards in total that will power up their characters in some way. The cards can be shared like so:

3 cards - first character + 0 cards - second character etc.

The button layout is the same as MVC3. There is a Hyper Bar which goes up to Level 3.

Button Layout




Special - launcher and combo ender

Partner - Tags them in or input a motion for a special trick


B/F+Partner (during combo) - Does a tag move where they knock the opponent across and the next character does a special move. The opponent will be in hard knockdown and the character can continue the combo. Your opponent counters this by pressing either forward or back S. You can press back to counter a forward tag attack and vice versa. If successful the opponent switches characters and combos off you.

U/D+Partner (during combo) - Same but knocks them downwards. Your opponent counters this by pressing either up or down S. You can press up to counter a downward tag attack and vice versa. If successful the opponent switches characters and combos off you.

QCF+Partner - Hyper Combo tag. Think Cross Arts but with Hyper Combos. Initiating Hyper Combos are set. DHC esque for finishing them off. Requires 2 bars. If blocked, the combo will still continue to the next character.

E.g. Wolvering Berserker Barrage X and smacks them away to Goku's Kamehameha

F+Partner (during blockstun) - Crossover counter. New character does a set special move.


If I ever wanted to publish a game like this, I would add a comic/manga with the game. The left half the book would be comic with Marvel characters while the right half would be manga with Jump characters. In the middle, it would be a picture of Magneto and Pain on top of a cliff looking down on the characters saying something along the lines of, "This world is now mine" as well as integrating their views of what their utopia is.

> - will represent next square or scene in the comic

Marvel Side

Part 1
(Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye are battling with Taskmaster)

Captain America: When do you ever learn Taskmaster, you'll never get away with crimes like this.

[Cap swings his shield at Taskmaster but barely misses.]

Taskmaster: Hey, I'm just doing my job. Can't a guy have a break?


Hawkeye: Not when you're messing with the world's greatest archer. [Aims at Taskmaster]

Iron Man: And the Invincible Iron Man. [Puts his hands at Taskmaster, ready to fire a beam]


[Explosion as Taskmaster backflips away]

Taskmaster: Hah! Don't you know any other....


Taskmaster: moooooooooves!!!!?!?!!? [Dimension rift appears sucking him in]


[Avengers Assembled] Iron Man: What... is this?

Part 2
(Ghost Rider and Daimon battle with Dormammu)

Dormammu: Welcome, to my realm


Ghost Rider: I'll make you pay for your sins. And once I do, you'll stop my contract. Got it!

Daimon: I'll put a stop to you and rule Hell myself.


Dormammu: Foolish dreams by those who desperately cling onto their humanity. Do you know what happens when I have followers that worship me? [Hands start to glow]


[Then explosion]


Dormammu: [staring into dimension rift] Hmmm. This is no work of mine, I shall find out who dares to interfere with the Dread Dormammu.

Part 3
(Iron Fist, Punisher, Elektra, Moon Knight and Thor are battling Hulk)

Thor: Brother, why have thou caused mischief?


Moon Knight: Look out Dan!

Iron Fist: I got it! (Dodges Hulks attack)


Punisher: Guh! Even with a large number, we can't take him out

Elektra: How do we even stop him?


(Dimension rift takes Moon Knight)

Everyone but Hulk: Moon Knight!


(Dimension rift takes Hulk)

Punisher: We've got to follow him. Who knows what he'll do in there?

Part 4
(Spiderman and Venom vs Kingpin and Kraven)

Spiderman: Whoa! Looks like Kingpin and Kraven have really learnt how to synchronise with each other.

[Spiderman nimbly dodges a strike from Kingpin]

Venom: Then we should do the same!


(Rift appears and takes Kraven)

Spiderman: Ha! Two against one, I like the odds


(Kingpin jumps in too)

Spiderman: Hey! Don't try and escape!

Venom: It's no use, we've got to follow them.

(The two then jump into the rift)

Part 5
(Blade looks up at the sky)

Blade: That smell...


Blade: There are some vampires to be killed. [Jumps into the rift]

Part 6
(Nova, Gamora battles Thanos)

Thanos: I shall please death by annhilating you two


Nova: Hey, I could need a hand here!

Gamora: Gotcha!


(Gamora runs at Thanos but gets sucked in)

Nova: What the hell!?


Thanos: Oh no, I won't let you get away. (Jumps in the rift)


Nova: GAMORA! (Jumps into rift)

Part 7
(Wolverine, Bishop, Cloak & Dagger battle an army of Sentinels)

Wolverine: Take this bub! (Slashes Sentinel's head)

Bishop: There's too many of them!

Dagger: What would we do?


(dimension rift sucks up Sentinel)

Wolverine: Cloak? Was that you?

Cloak: No.


(another dimension rift sucks up Bishop)

Everyone: BISHOP!


Wolverine: That's it, I'm going in!

Part 8
(Black Panther and Mr Fantastic analysing the dimension rift)

Mr Fantastic: It can't be!?!

Black Panther: I never thought it would be...


(Magneto's head on the screen)

Both of them: Magneto!


Part 1


There will be a subtle rivalry between the characters. Care to guess what they are?

Wolverine Goku
Bishop Allen Walker
Captain America Heihachi Edajima
Hulk Naruto
Cloak & Dagger Gotenks
Iron Fist Kenshiro
Taskmaster Kakashi
Black Panther Gon
Mr Fantastic Luffy
Punisher Kankichi Ryotsu
Ant-Man Tony Tony Chopper
Deadpool Gintoki
Doctor Strange Muhyo
Ghost Rider Tatsumi Oga
Venom (Flash) Yoh Asakura
Nova Pegasus Seiya
Blade Dio
Iron Man Ultimo
Elektra Kenshin
Spiderman Yugi
Kingpin Tsuna w/ Reborn
Dormammu Bobobo
Sentinel Arale
Thanos Kira
Moon Knight Yusuke Urameshi
Thor Killua
Daimon Hellstrom Ichigo
Hawkeye Uryu
Gamora Clare
Kraven the Hunter Taikoubou
Magneto (boss) Pain [Deva] (boss)

Galactus - secret boss

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