Hayato Kanzaki

Hayato Kanzaki
Name Hayato Kanzaki
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Plasma Sword
Affiliation Good
Vitality 1,000,000
Company Capcom

"Bounty hunters like me do not fight to show off!"
—Hayato intro quote

It's holidays and I felt like making a DLC concept again. Hayato seems to interest me since he's just so cool with his plasma sword and all. In the world of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I think he would fit perfectly.


I would like Hayato to play like a rushdown character. With strong normals he can pressure the opponent very well. Unlike in MvC2, Hayato is much faster and much stronger. He also has the "Plasma Series" which is are set combos that can be used by the player. These ignore hit stun deterioration and thus improve Hayato's combo potential.

However, he lacks mobility options which could place him in mid tier. Assists like Vajra or Hidden Missiles would help greatly with him. Other horizontal assists can help as well such as Unibeam or EM Distruptor. He also has very poor assists and is best played on point.

Basic Combo


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Shiden (M) Direct Front Rasetsu Zan
β Guren (M) Direct Tilt Up Engetsu
γ Hien Direct Front Rasetsu Zan

Command Normals

Move Name



Right+Attack h

Performs a small hop and a spinning slash at the same time like Zero's j.H. This move will avoid low attacks completely. It is very unsafe on block. Hits overhead
Dai Oiuchi Kougeki

Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h


Dives diagonally down with his sword. It causes a ground bounce on airborne opponents. It hits OTG. 
Dokuryu Attack h while dashing Does a backhand slash while dashing. Has a lot of range. Can be cancelled into Shiden or Souryu or launcher.

Attack h

A overhead follow up slash. Can be cancelled into Shiden for a safe blockstring. Can also be cancelled into launcher. (N.B. does NOT hit overhead)

Special Attacks

Move Name



Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button

Performs two slashes. Great for combos and for approaching the opponent. L is safe on block while H is unsafe but deals a lot of damage. 


Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Does an uppercut move with his sword like Zero's Ryuenjin. If cancelled at the right time, he can use Plasma Field for a very nice combo. 

Byakko Hou

Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button

Hayato's command grab. When successful, Hayato launches his opponent into the air for an air combo. 

Plasma Series

Move Name


Suzaku Ranbu

Left+Attack l Attack l Attack l Attack l

Kegon 1

Left+Attack l Attack l Attack h Attack h Attack l

Kegon 2

Left+Attack l Attack l Attack l Attack h Attack l

Guren 1

Left+Attack h Attack l Attack h Attack h Attack h

Guren 2

Left+Attack h Attack l Attack h Attack l Attack h

All Plasma series can be cut short with a special or hyper. They are not affected by hitstun deterioration. 

Hyper Combos

Move Name


Rasetsu Zan

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2

Charges up to the opponent and deals 8 slashes. Causes a hard knockdown.


Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2

Like Mighty Thunder, it hits OTG and pushes the opponent away. Causes a hard knockdown. Can be mashed. 

Plasma Field

Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack x2

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Causes a spinning knockdown. When hit, it gives Hayato infinite meter for 5 seconds. It is also good for DHCs.

Black Hayato (Level 3)

Arcade Stick S+Attack x2

Charges at the opponent and does multipls strikes as the Black Hayato. Deals 400,000 unscaled damage. Can be mashed. 

DLC Costume


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