466235-hauze large
Name Hauzer
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Breathes Fire
Affiliation Villian
Vitality 1,200,000
Company Capcom

—Hauzer intro quote

With Lupinko suggesting an all Capcom roster with the MvC3 engine, I thought about doing this dlc concept again. Hauzer is a lesser known character from Red Earth and has appeared in Capcom Fighting Evolution. I've never played Red Earth, so inputs are welcome.


As Hauzer is a boss in Red Earth, I try to make him feel like one, where coming to him is a bad idea. He is built with large range normals but with slow startup and recovery. They are also very damaging. Imagine you're fighting Godzilla, I want Hauzer to be like that. Hauzer is a zoning character.

He is also very big which makes him a big target for instant overheads. He is also large in the horizontal department, allowing easier crossups.  I've also not given him Super Armor barring his Deluge moves to differentiate him from Hulk/Sentinel so using Hauzer as a beginner may not be the best of ideas.

In terms of movement, he is very slow. His dash does not cover a lot of distance and his jump is very slow.

The aim of Hauzer's game is to wait for your opponent to do something unsafe, and then hit them with a powerful combo.

The Ultimate Guard and Level Up! are included as homage to the Red Earth series.

Basic Combo

cr. Attack h , Arcade Stick Right+Attack h , Special , jump, Attack m , Attack h , Arcade Stick DR+Attack h , Special , Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h , Attack h , Arcade Stick QCB+Attack l , Arcade Stick S+Attack h , Attack h , Arcade Stick QCF+Attack l , Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2 , Arcade Stick QCF+Special , Arcade Stick QCF+Attack l , Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Volcano Breath (M) Shot Front Gust Flames
β Deluge Assault Direct Front Deluge Crisis
γ Tempest Falls Direct Tilt Up Deluge Crisis

Normal Attacks/Command Normals

Move Name


Overhead Bite

Arcade Stick Right+Attack m 

Chomps on the opponent. Hits overhead
Flame Breath

Arcade Stick Right+Attack h

Breaths out a fireball but dissapates very quickly. Think of it like Dan's fireball.

Flame Breath Downwards

Arcade Stick DR+Attack h

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Breaths out a fireball downwards but dissapates very quickly. Think of it like Dan's fireball. Hits OTG. THC cancellable.
Follow-Up Attack

Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack hAir

Hauzer falls onto the grounded opponent. Hits OTG and causes a ground bounce.

Special Attacks

Move Name


Volcano Breath

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Hauzer fires a fireball. The button determines the direction. Light is diagonally down, hits OTG, Medium is forward and Heavy is diagonally up. The fireball have strong durability, stronger than Hadouken. 
Deluge Assault

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button

Hauzer charges forward with his horns. The power determines it's distance and damage. All of them cause a wall bounce. Has Super Armor

Tempest Falls

Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Hauzer jumps and hits his opponents with his horns. It can be jump cancelled on hit or block, allowing him to continue the combo. He can also follow up with Tempest Crush.

>Tempest Crush

Attack h

As Hauzer is in the air, he grabs his opponents with his mouth and tosses them down on the floor. He can then follow up with a Follow-Up Attack.

Volcano Tower

AS RS+Attack button

Hauzer fires a fireball which falls to the ground. It then explodes into a flaming tower like Ghost Rider's Heartless Spire. Hits OTG. The attack power determines its distance from Hauzer. Light is right in front of him, Medium is about halfway of the screen and Heavy is nearly full screen.

Level Up!

Attack button+Special

Hauzer is able to level up by spending one meter. Through a level up, he is recovers red health and gains extra attack power. Hauzer can level up to level 6 from level 1. When he levels up, he strikes a pose where it is fully invincible. 

Ultimate Guard

Arcade Stick QCB+Special

Arcade Modifier (Air)

By spending one meter, Hauzer assumes a blocking pose which blocks everything but throws. He also takes no chip.

Hyper Combos

Move Name


Deluge Crisis

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2

Hauzer does a stronger version of Deluge Assault. After a few hits, he launches you in the air where you can follow with with a combo. You can also follow up with Deluge Crush. Has Super Armor
>Deluge Crush

Arcade Stick QCF+Special

Hauzer jumps up and catches his opponent with his mouth. He then tosses them down on the ground. He can then follow up with another combo

Gust Flame

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2

Hauzer breathes a huge fire wave like Chaotic Flame.

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