Name Remy
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Playing cards, kinetic energy manipulation
Affiliation Hero
Vitality 950,000
Company Marvel

"Bonjour ma cherie"
—Gambit to any female character other than Tron/Amaterasu

Gambit is a charge character. By that, I mean that most of Gambit's move can be charged by holding down the attack button of the corresponding command. These charge mean that they charge kinetic energy within his weapons. Of course, by charging it, it means that he deals more damage. In the descriptions, there are charge times. This is only for the time where the damage/effect is at its maximum. You can charge as long as you like.

But to be honest, I can see why he is not in MVC3. Making a moveset for him is a challenge itself.

Assist Attacks

Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Forward Bo Swing Direct Front Cajun Explosion
β Bo Staff Smash Direct Front Cajun Explosion
γ Cajun Shot (H) Shot Tilt Up Royal Flush

Special Attacks

Move Name Motion/Input Description
Forward Bo Swing

Arcade Stick Right+Attack h

Gambit spins and swings his Bo Staff. This causes a wall bounce. Charged version will cause a forced wall bounce after charging for 1.2 second.
Downward Bo Swing

Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h

Arcade Modifier Air

Gambit spins and swings his Bo Staff. This causes a ground bounce. Charged version will cause a forced ground bounce after charging for 1.2 second.
Bo Staff Smash Arcade Stick Right+Attack m Gambit swings his Bo Staff downwards, making this move a quick overhead. Charging for 2.2 seconds makes this move an unblockable.
Cajun Shot

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button

Arcade Modifier (Air)

Gambit throws a couple of cards at his opponent. Charging will deal more damage and they get stunned even longer when they are hit. Max charge time, 1.4 second

  • Attack light - Will hit OTG. Charging it will not make the opponent grounded even more.
  • Attack m - Will hit forwards. When hit, the opponent will be stunned for a bit. Maximum stun time is 0.7 seconds. On explosion, the opponent will be sent airborne like a launcher
  • Attack h - Will hit 45 degrees above him. When hit, the opponent will be stunned for a bit. Maximum stun time is 0.9 seconds. On explosion, the opponent will be in Hard Knockdown
Cajun Escape Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Gambit performs wall jumps to move around the field. Charging will make Gambit faster. Max charge time is 1.8 seconds. This move is best off for initiating combos.

  • Attack light - Lands in front of the opponent.
  • Attack m - Lands behind the opponent.
  • Attack h - Kicks the opponent from the behind and then appears in front of the opponent.
Cajun Trap

Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button

Gambit's command grab. Charging will make it more powerful only. Gambit charges at his opponent and charges them with kinetic energy. This will make them explode. Brilliant for resets. Max charge time is 3 seconds

  • Attack light - Covers over a small distance. Has faster recovery
  • Attack m - Covers a larger distance and has less recovery
  • Attack h - An anti-air grab.

Royal Flush

"Une wild card! Royal Flush"

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Gambit sends out a flurry of cards charged with KE. After the barrage, the opponent is stunned for 0.2 seconds before exploding. This timeframe is perfect for DHCs. E.g. Vergil's Summoned Swords

Cajun Explosion

"Cela va faire mal! Cajun Explosion!"

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x

Gambit leaps onto a wall and fires a blast of kinetic energy. This is similar to its Vs Series counterpart.

  • Attack light+Attack button - Gambit fires from the left
  • Attack h+Attack button - Gambit fires from the right

Death Transformation

Level 3

"C'est consommer moi!"

Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x Gambit transform into Death. He takes passive damage but emits a field of posionous gas around him. All his moves cause poison status and more damage. This transformation lasts for 20 seconds. X-Factor negates the damage dealt to himself.

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