Name Bass.EXE
Gender Male
Weapon/Power Darkness
Affiliation Villian
Vitality 800,000
Company Capcom

"Battle is my forte"
—Bass.EXE intro quote

I feel that GamerDudeGuy's concept is not accurate. For me, it seems really out of place to add some moves from Transmission and some moves from Network 6, etc. So I try to make on that focuses on one version which is the DarkChip era, Network 4 and 5.


In MMBN series, Bass is considered to be the strongest boss in the game. Combined with his lust for power, I try to liken him to Akuma. However, Bass was also known for having extremely high health, so I want to add some health so he doesn't become a glass cannon. Bass is also very fast, so I will add lots of mobility option. In theory, he could be top tier instantly.

From looking at the moveset, Bass has a variety of loops involving his Phantom Darkness.

Bass has access to an 2 way air dash, flight mode, command dash

Basic Combo

cr.Attack l, cr.Attack m, cr.Attack hRight+Attack hArcade Stick S+Attack mAttack mAttack mAttack button+SpecialArcade Stick QCB+Attack lAttack mAttack mAttack mAttack button+SpecialAttack button+SpecialAttack button+SpecialAttack button+SpecialArcade Stick QCF+Attack l+Attack mArcade Stick S+Attack hAttack hAttack h,  Attack button+SpecialArcade Stick QCF+Attack l+Attack h


Name Type Angle Cross-Over
α Buster Rake (H) Shot Tilt Up Neo Buster Rake
β Dark Arm Blade (L) Direct Front Neo Buster Rake
γ Hell's Rolling (2 wheels) Shot Front Neo Buster Rake

Command Normals

Move Name


Cape Shield

Left+Attack h 

Protects himself with a cape. If hit, he will move behind the opponent and do a Dark Arm Blade which causes a hard knockdown.
Dark Arm Swipe

Right+Attack h

Bass swipes with his arm which is covered in dark energy. It will cause a tech roll on airborne opponents and stagger for grounded opponents. Think like Magneto's H.

Special Attacks

Move Name


Buster Rake

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack buttonArcade Modifier (Air)

Bass fires with his Buster. The button determines the direction. Light is diagonally down, hits OTG, Medium is forward and Heavy is diagonally up. This causes a tech roll when hit airborne.
Phantom Darkness

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack buttonArcade Modifier (Air)

Bass will move with after-images. This move is similar to Zero's Hienkyaku. Light is forward, Medium is backwards and Heavy will land on top of the opponent. This move is cancellable into Dark Arm Blade.

Dark Arm Blade

Arcade Stick S+Attack button

Bass will swipe his opponent with his arm covered in dark energy.                            Light will cause a tech roll. You can follow up with two more hits by pressing L twice, still causing a tech roll.                                                                                     Medium will cause a hard knockdown. You can follow up with two more hits by pressing M twice, still causing a hard knockdown.                                                                   Heavy will cause a wall bounce and tech roll. You can follow up with two more hits by pressing H twice, still causing a wall bounce and tech roll.

Darkness Overload

Arcade Stick QCF+Special

Bass will gather two orbs of darkness and move forward for a bit. After that, he unleashes a large amount of dark energy which sends the opponent flying upwards like Dormammu's Big Bang. This move is an unblockable and causes a hard knockdown. However it costs 1 meter and is not very safe as it lacks invincibility frames. Hits OTG

Hell's Rolling

Attack button+Special

Bass will call forth a dark wheel which homes in on the opponent. It locks them down for a bit before disappearing. The tracking mechanic of this move can be related to Nova's Energy Javelin, it locks on at a certain point and will miss if the opponent continues moving. Bass is able to move even if Hell's Rolling is on the screen, making it useful for lockdown mixups. Pressing the some extra buttons will allow Bass to call more wheels, up to 4. These will hit OTG.                                                                                    You can cancel this move with Phantom Darkness


Arcade Stick QCB+SpecialArcade Modifier (Air)

Bass enters Flight mode.

Hyper Combos

Move Name


Neo Buster Rake

Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2Arcade Modifier (Air)

Bass will charge his buster and fire large amounts of projectiles like Deadpool's Happy Happy Trigger. Depending on the button pressed will affect the direction of the buster.                                                                      Attack l+Attack m: Will hit downwards. It hits OTG and causes a hard knockdown. Attack l+Attack h: Will hit straight forward and cause a wall bounce soft knockdown. (Essentially, the wall bounce never existed)                                             Attack m+Attack h: Will hit straight up and cause a tech roll.

Dark Aura

Arcade Stick QCB+Attack x2Arcade Modifier (Air)

Bass summons an aura which takes 300,000 points of unscaled damage before it disappears which takes 5 seconds. This move is useful for DHCs. As an assist, Bass will still take damage but will not flinch. Note however, the 50% bonus damage on assists still applies to this aura.

Chaos Nightmare (Level 3)

Arcade Stick S+Attack x2Arcade Modifier (Air)

Bass will take to the skies and gather two orbs. He throws down a large amount of energy which covers the whole screen and deals 450,000 points of damage. The opponent are sent flying much like Darkness Overload, making it easy to follow up with a combo. Hits OTG

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