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    Clash of the Champions at 3PM PST

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    A few months ago, there was a vote to determine eight players that will play it out in the Capcom Cup in December 14. People could vote only 3 players out of a possible 17 suggested or an unknown player of their own choosing who they think is the hypest to watch. The votes are in for the 8 players who will participate in the Capcom Cup. They are:

    1. Nemo

    2. EG|Justin Wong

    3. Kane Blueriver

    4. EMP|IFC YipeS

    5. ABEGEN

    6. AGE|NYChrisG

    7. coL|Filipino Champ

    8. BT|MarlinPie

    Additionally, Capcom announced a FT5 with EVO 2013 Champion, EMP|Flocker. The winner will get $1000 prize money and the title of Capcom Cup holder.

    So, with the 8 players announced, who do you think will take the title? And do you think they have what it takes to beat the EVO Champion…

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    Hitstun in Combos

    In order to avoid infinites, this game has hitstun which determine how long your opponent is stunned by your attacks. As the combo gets longer, the hitstun becomes less, ultimately, emphasising the need to end the combo. This is known as hitstun deterioration. 

    Different moves have different hitstuns, with  having low hitstuns while have high hitstuns. Some moves have a fixed hitstun such as ground bounce and wall bounce moves.


    Doctor Strange

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    DLC Concept: Hayato

    November 21, 2013 by Golden fireburst

    Hayato Kanzaki

    Hayato Kanzaki
    Name Hayato Kanzaki
    Gender Male
    Weapon/Power Plasma Sword
    Affiliation Good
    Vitality 1,000,000
    Company Capcom

    It's holidays and I felt like making a DLC concept again. Hayato seems to interest me since he's just so cool with his plasma sword and all. In the world of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I think he would fit perfectly.

    I would like Hayato to play like a rushdown character. With strong normals he can pressure the opponent very well. Unlike in MvC2, Hayato is much faster and much stronger. He also has the "Plasma Series" which is are set combos that can be used by the player. These ignore hit stun deterioration and thus improve Hayato's combo potential.

    However, he lacks mobility options which could place him in mid tier. Assists …

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    I need help here

    November 19, 2013 by Golden fireburst

    I'd like to take the background of this website

    I want to make it the background of this wiki. Just wondering if there are any objections?

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