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    Well, here is just an idea, one of the fan-favourite characters from the Megaman series has some moves that makes him fit on a fighting game. This is his what-if moveset.

    Bass is a fighting robot created by Dr. Wily to copy Megaman's design and abilities. He made him as strong as he is a challenge for him. He is arrogant and overconfident, and hates weak opponents. His final goal is to defeat Megaman to prove he is the strongest robot of the world.

    • Real Name: Bass
    • Side: Capcom
    • First Appearance: Mega Man 7 (1995)
    • Occupation: ---
    • Abilities: Bass has many combat abilities, wich follow his Bass Buster (a rapid-fire arm cannon) and the ability to summon his wolf Treble for a strike.

    Most known as a zoning character, he is a good character to use at close c…

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