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    Chuck Greene

    Chuck Greene
    Name Chuck Greene
    Gender Male
    Weapon/Power Can create unique weapons out of everyday items.
    Affiliation Hero
    Vitality 950,000
    First Appearance Dead Rising 2 (2010)
    Game Dead Rising series
    Voiced By Peter Flemming
    Company Capcom

    Chuck Greene is a main character from Capcom's Dead Risingseries. He is a newcomer in the Marvel vs Capcom series.

    While Chuck and his family were in Las Vegas for a Motocross event, the city was hit by a zombie outbreak. Chuck's wife was zombified during the epidemic and bit Katey in the forearm, infecting her. Chuck must now give Katey two doses of Zombrex per day (eventually turns into only 1 dose per day, as the drug progresses throughout the years between Case Zero and the Main Game) to keep her from turnin…

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