I decided to start coming up with "Theme Teams" a while ago for fun, and in my boredom I desided to put one of them on a blog. Tell me what you guys think.

R cviper00 bm nomip.360 r cviper00 bm nomip.360outR capamerica07 bm nomip.360 r capamerica07 bm nomip.360outR chris04 bm nomip.360 r chris04 bm nomip.360out


The American Agents (Cap, Viper & Chris) are one of my favorite teams, with three characters with a lot in common, and a lot of differences too. All three characters are americans heroes who work their governments, have no powers (though Cap is arguable) and fight with weapons; however all their weapons are completely different (Cap's Shield, Viper's Combat suit, and Chris's firearms). I could easily see Rogers offering Redfield and Viper positions with the Secret Avengers if they were in the same universe.


These 3 characters cover 6 different gameplay roles, making them a very versitile team. Cap is a Shoto, Battery character, Viper is a Rushdown Damage Dealer, and Chris is a Zoning Heavy Hitter. Use Cap to build meter for Viper to use for her combos, then push your opponent into the corner to get the most damage from Viper. You can use Viper's Burning Kick assist to create unblockable situations with Cap to start his combos, or Chris's Gun Fire M assist with Cap's Backflip to cross-up opponents. You can also use Cap's Shield Slash M to pull in opponents for Viper's combos and cover fire for Chris. Rarely would you ever want to use a Crossover Hyper with this team since their hypers don't link together in anyway. However, you can use a 2 bar Hyper Crossover with Cap and Chris to get in with Cap and start a combo while Chris is still firing his Grenades.

Character Crossover Assist Crossover Hyper
Captain America Shield Slash M Hyper Charging Star
Crimson Viper Burning Kick Burst Time
Chris Redfield Gun Fire M Grenade Launcher

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