Omega Red
Omega Red
Omega Red
Name Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich
Gender Male
Abilities Death Factor, Military Training, Super Strength
& Durability
Weapons Carbonadium Coils
Affiliation Villain
Vitality 1,100,000
First Appearance X-Men Vol.2 #4
(Jan 1992)
Company Marvel

"Dasveedanja comrade!"
—Omega Red

Omega Red may have a moveset already in MvC2, but I got a request to make a new moveset for him. Since Red is one of my favorite villains and I didn't like his old moveset, I chose to make it. This moveset is an expanded, simplified version of his MvC2 moveset, with new moves and easier execution. I've renamed some of his attacks, and upgraded his Carbonadium Smash into a the level 3 Omega Smash.

Crossover Assist Type Angel Crossover Hyper
α Coil Lasher Direct Front Omega Destroyer
β Omega Strike L Direct Front Omega Destroyer
γ Omega Strike M Direct Tile Up Omega Destroyer

"They were right to fear me. None escape from my iron grasp!"
—Omega Red

Omega Red is a Heavy Hitter, with good range on his normal attacks & can double jump, but cannot link his standing medium to his hard attack, but he has a full 3-hit crouching combo that links to his launcher. He has a brand new hyper mode and one of his old hyper attacks is now a level 3. Even though it is easy to combo off of some of Red's Coil Slam attacks, the hitstun and damage scaling from his Coil Slam attacks are so high, combos following the slam deal very little damage, and an opponent can only be slammed up to three times in the same combo before they recover right out of the slam. However, comboing into a second Carbonadium Coil grab is still an effective strategy for his life & energy drain attacks. This makes Omega Red an extremely effective Battery Character, but since his extended combos don't deal as much damage as other characters, his rushdown game needs to use resets to get the most damage out of his offense. Red can be very hard to kill with his range and Life Drain power, but has less red health then other characters as a result of his mutation. His red health stays normal during his Death Factor mode.

Move Name Input Details
Coil Lasher AS Right+Attack hard x3 Red strikes with his carbonadium coils that reach out 2 character lengths away. The first hit cause a small stun state, the second hit pulls the enemy closer to Omega Red, and the third hit, knocks the opponent back causing a soft knockdown. You can use the first two hits to hit confirm into his special and hyper attacks.
Carbonadium Coil Whip Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button Omega Red throws a tentacle at his opponent. L version fires a tentacle straight across the screen, M diagonally up-towards and H directly up. This attack works the same in the air, but M comes out diagonally downwards, and H shoots directly down. Also, pressing the attack button as your tentacle flies out will cancel this move. If this move connects, the opponent is grabbed for followup attacks.
Carbonadium Coil Trap Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button Omega Red sends his coils through the ground that surface depending on which attack button is pressed, L is right infront of Red, M appears 2 character lengths away, and H is almost at full screen distance. This attack can strike airborn opponents, but only grabs opponents on the ground, and hits OTG.
> Life Drain Arcade Modifier TapAttack light during Carbonadium Coil While the opponent is grabbed, you can drain their vitality, to recover health.
> Energy Drain Arcade Modifier TapAttack medium during Carbonadium Coil While the opponent is grabbed, you can drain their hyper meter to build your own.
> Coil Slam Attack hard during Carbonadium Coil Omega Red can throw his opponent in four different ways.
  • Attack hard Red slams the foe down in the same spot he holds the him about 2 character lengths away causing a hard knockdown.
  • Left+Attack hard Red turns around and slams the opponent in a similar manner on the opposite side.
  • Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack hard Red lifts the enemy high up and slams them down right in front of his feet causing a ground bounce.
  • AS Right+Attack hard Red throws his opponent hard at the wall causing a wall bounce.
Omega Strike AS S+Attack button Omega Red shoots both his tentacles into the ground and kicks forward depending on the button pressed. L travels straight across the screen, M diagonally upwards, and H make him push directly up. Also, pressing Down + Special when you're doing this move will make Omega Red cancel it wherever he's at, and pressing Back + Special will make him retract his tentacles in whichever direction he traveled from.
Carbonadium Destroyer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Omega Red whips his tentacles in all directions, hitting anything too close. The damage increases the closer the opponent is when this attack is performed.
Death Factor Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x Omega Red's new hyper mode. Omega Red emits his lethal Death Spores as a field around him that damages enemies as long as they are within the field as if they have the poison effect. This hyper lasts for 5 seconds, and can only build meter with his Energy Drain.
Omega Smash (Level 3) Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Omega Red air dashes forward and combos his opponent when he connects. He ends the combo by slamming his opponent into the ground behind him. This attack is now a level 3 attack, so it possesses start up invincibility and it's uneffected by damage scaling.

Mshvsf-omegaredOmegaredMVC2 Omega Red

DLC Costume: Ultimate Omega Red

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