Juri 2
Name Juri Han
Gender Female
Abilities Taekwondo
Feng Shui Engine
Affiliation Villainess
Vitality 775,000
First Appearance Super Street Fighter 4
Company Capcom

"Oh, do you wanna play with me?"
—Pre-match quote

Ok I know I'm going out of order, but with the announcement that Juri Han is going to be in Street Fighter X Tekken, I couldn't wait. Juri is my favorite new character from Street Fighter 4, and if you've ever seen her OVA, you would see that she can hold her own against the Super-Powered heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. I think Juri could use a MvC upgrade to make her as powerful as she appears in the OVA.

Crossover Assist Type Angle Crossover Hyper
α Fuhajin Shot Tilt Up Fuharenjin
β Fuhageri Direct Front Fuharenjin
γ Senpusha Direct Front Fuharenjin

"Well, looks like I need to find a new toy."
—Victory quote

Juri is a powerful Rushdown character with low health, making her a "Glass Cannon". She doesn't have any command grabs or teleports, but she does have a lot of quick overhead attacks, and other tools to break her opponent's defenses. Her new Feng Shui Engine allows her to mix high and low attacks back-to-back and drastically increases the damage of her combos, but doesn't allow her to build meter, putting her in the Damage Dealer catagory. Her level 3 X-Factor gives Juri and extra 60% damage and 40% speed, making her a very good choice as and anchor character for teams. Juri can air dash forward, backward, double jump and wall jump.

Move Name Input Details
Sekku AS Right+Attack medium A flipping overhead strike that can combo into L, but it's start-up time is slightly too long to combo into in a normal combo.
Fuhageri Std Attack hard (Hold) Inspired from the Juri OVA, she performs a powerful side kick. The longer the attack is charged, the farther the kick reaches and deals more damage. If fully charged, this attack is unblockable and causes a wall bounce.
Fuhajin AS QCF+Attack button Juri gathers dark energy in her foot as she kicks. If the attack button is tapped again, the energy is launched immediately as a projectile. If the attack button is held, Juri proceeds to fight as normal and when the kick button being held is released, she unleashes the projectile energy attack via swinging her leg again. If the kick button is released while Juri is not in a position to fire it, nothing will happen and the charge will be lost. It is also possible to store more than one charge per button, allowing for multiple combo opportunities. The path of the projectile is determined by the attack button used. L fires it along the ground at a low height that allows it to get under any projectile and hits OTG. M fires it at chest height, and H fires it upward at a 45-degree angle as an anti-air attack. The projectiles travel slow and reach full screen. If Feng Shui Engine is active, the projectile reaches full-screen almost instantly, and has higher durability.
Shikusen AirAS QCB+Attack button Juri swooping down toward the opponent foot-first and kicks her opponent. The angle she travels is determined by the attack button pressed, L being the steepest, and H being the highest. If she connects with her opponent, she can follow up with two more kicks.
>Shikusen 2nd Impact Attack button during hit by Shikusen The first follow up to Shikusen, Juri kicks outward keeping the opponent in the air for the third kick.
>>Shikusen 3rd Strike Attack button during hit by Shikusen 2nd Impact The second follow up to Skikusen, Juri back kicks her opponent, causing a hard knockdown. If Feng Shui Engine is active, this attack causes a wall bounce.
Senpusha AS QCB+Attack button Juri cartwheels through the air with dark energy emanating from her feet. The amount of spins, damage, recovery time and distance covered are determined by the attack button used: L spins and moves the least and causes the least damage, H spins and moves the most and causes the most damage, and M is a balance between the two. If Feng Shui Engine is active, the damage and distance are further increased.
Kasatushi AS RS+Attack button Juri goats her opponent with a "come on" gesture. If hit during the taunt (unless the attack is a throw or unblockable), she will slide to a different location determined by the attack button used: L will bring her behind her opponent, M will bring her backwards, and H will bring her straight up above where she was. If Feng Shui Engine is active, this will also counter hyper attacks.
Fuharenjin AS QCB+Attack button 2x Juri unleashes a sudden barrage of Fuhajin projectiles in the various directions. This prevents the opponent from safely approaching her & gives her breathing room, and each projectile has high durability. If it hits, the opponent can be juggled for multiple hits. This enables the attack to be used as both an offensive and defensive option.
Feng Shui Engine Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack button 2x Juri gains a 15% boost to her damage and speed, all of her specials are enhanced, and she can special cancel all of her normal and special attacks. This mode also features a barrier that nullifies any low durability projectiles. It lasts for 8 seconds, and Juri can't build meter while this mode is active.
Kaisen Dankairaku (Level 3) AS QCF+Attack button 2x Juri performs her Kaisen Dankairaku attack from Super Street Fighter 4. This attack can easily juggle opponents, is invincible from frames 1-5, and ends with a hard knockdown, but is very unsafe if it misses.
DLC Costume: SSF4 Gi
Juri Han 3rd

Juri's Theme

Super Street Fighter IV OST Theme of Juri03:14

Super Street Fighter IV OST Theme of Juri

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