Green Goblin
Green Goblin mvc3
Green Goblin
Name Norman Virgil Osborn
Gender Male
Abilities Genius Intelligence
Super Strength & Reflexes
Healing Factor
Weapons Goblin Glider, Pumpkin Bombs, Razor Bats, Electrical Gloves
Affiliation Villain
Vitality 950,000
First Appearance Amazing Spider-Man
#14 (July 1964)
Company Marvel

"I think it's time to drop the hammer!"
—Pre-match quote

Norman Osborn has become one of the Marvel's most dangerous villains. He started off as Spider-Man's main enemy and nemesis, but he has become a major threat to every hero in the Marvel Universe. Time for Gobby to get his spot in the MvC roster. Osborn's moveset was not easy buy any means, but I figured he can still fight without his Glider.

Crossover Assist Type Angle Crossover Hyper
α Pumpkin Bomb (Poison) Shot Tilt Up Bag of Tricks
β Glider Strike (Blade) Direct Front Goblin Glider (Missiles)
γ Glider Strike (Bombs) Shot Downward Bag of Tricks

"Osborn's mind? Sorry you've dialed the wrong number. I'm glad it's a mistake though, and not a rescue attempt. I hate to be indebted to those I'm about to kill!"
—Post-match quote

Goblin is a Hard Hitting, Zoning Character with a large amount of range tools. His attacks are slow, but take up a lot of space and time, different speeds and can be very random at times. The goal with Goblin is to make it hard for foes to predict what Gobby will do next. Unique to Goblin's assists attacks, Goblin is riding his Glider during his Glider assists making him very safe, but it's still possible to hit Osborn out of these attacks. Goblin has an average walk speed & wave dash, 2-way air dash, and a very unique flight mode. Goblin's flight mode involves his Glider, and lasts longer then most flight modes, but limits Goblin's attacks options. This flight mode can also be used to reduce the risk and start-up time of many of Gobby's attacks, and makes a great defensive tool. Goblin's normal attacks are slow but damaging, and he can only link his light to hard, not medium to hard, and his crouching hard causes a hard knockdown so it can't link into his launcher. The Goblin Glider hyper attack is ment to resemble Megaman's Beat Plain hyper attack to bring back that gameplay element. This hyper attack has a Crossover hyper version where he fires multiple Pumpkin Missiles at his enemy.

Move Name Input Details
Finger Shot AS Right+Attack hard Osborn fires an electrical shot from his fingertip that deals chip damage. It has very low durability and causes a large amount of hitstun. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode, and angles downward.
Razor Bats Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button Gobby throws spinning razor sharp bat shaped projectiles that can pierce through enemies and hit assist characters if they are out. The angle he throws them are based on which attack button is pressed. L is straight forward, M is at a 25 degree angle, and H at a 50 degree angle. Gobby can throw up to three of them in any order simply by pressing the attack buttons quickly. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode, and all reflect downward.
Pumpkin Bomb AS S+Attack button Goblin throws one of three different Pumpkin Bombs. Each bombs has a different smoke emitting from it and the button can be held to effect how far the bomb is thrown. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode.
  • Poison Attack light: Gobby throws a bomb with a green smoke that explodes after a 2 second delay, creating a green mist that causes poison to any enemy that comes into contact with it.
  • Napalm Attack medium: Goblin throws a bomb with a red smoke that explodes on contact with the ground, creating a pool of fire that burns any enemy that comes into contact with it.
  • Explosive Attack hard: Gobby throws a bomb with an orange smoke that explodes when it stops moving or hits an enemy, causing good damage and a soft knockdown.
Shock Cuffs AS S+Special Goblin grabs his enemy by the wrist and electrocutes them. This is a grab special with average reach, but it can be Kara-cancelled off of his normal attacks to extend the range. This move leaves the enemy in a crumple state, allowing for an easy follow up combo.
Glider Strike Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button Gobby calls in his Goblin Glider to attack his enemy with different weapons. The weapon, height & speed of the attack depends on which attack button used. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode, and Goblin stays on the glider during the attack.
  • Impaling Dive Attack light: The Goblin Glider flies low across the screen with a blade extending from the front. This attacks acts as a projectile with very high durability, and is the fastest of Osborn's Glider attacks.
  • Napalm Strike Attack medium: The Glider flies across the screen and angles a flamethrower downward and torches the floor of the battlefield as it flies by. This attack can hit OTG but can be jumped over with the right timing. This attack flies mid-height and mid-speed.
  • Pumpkin Bombs Attack hard: The Glider flies high above the ground dropping a wave of pumpkin bombs across the screen similar to Sentinel Force H. This is the slowest of the 3 Glider attacks.
Glider Flight Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Special Goblin's flight mode lasts longer then any other flight mode in the game, and his normal air movement is faster then normal, but he cannot air dash while in this mode. The normal start-up time for this very long if performed on the ground cause Goblin needs to jump into the air to get on his glider, but if performed in the air, the glider flies underneath Goblin and cuts the start-up time in half. Gobby can perform certain specials & hypers while in flight mode, and his normal attacks change.
Bag of Tricks Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Gobby grabs his shoulder bag and starts spinning it around launching Razor Bats, Poison, Napalm & Exploding Pumpkin Bombs out randomly in all directions. This attack is best used for keep away because it covers most of the screen, and has unreliable effects when used in combos. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode.
Goblin Glider Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x Goblin jumps on his signature Goblin Glider and can fly around, and attack from it for 3 seconds. Pressing the different attack buttons causes it to fire different weapons. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode, and Goblin stays on the glider during the attack, but jumps off when the attack ends.
  • Swooping Strike Attack light: The Goblin Glider swoops low and arches back upward, hitting overhead. Makes a great movement tool, and crosses up the opponent.
  • Pumpkin Bombs Attack medium: The Glider drops bombs from the bottom of the Glider that explode in contact and hit OTG. These can be rapid fired.
  • Pumpkin Missiles Attack hard: The Glider fires homing missiles from the mouth that track the opponent. They deal good damage even on block and can be rapid fired.
Trick or Treat (Level 3) AS S+Attack button 2x Gobby jumps on his glider and flies low across the screen. If he hits his foe, they are knocked into the air and Goblin flies back and lassos the enemy and drags them across the ground. He then flies high up, throwing his enemy into the air and blasting them with a barrage of bombs & missiles. This attack has a long start-up, but has invincibility and ends with a spinning knockdown. This attack can only be performed in mid-air while in flight mode, and greatly reduces the start-up time but ends the flight mode

Norman Osborn Green GoblinGG MUA2 GreenGoblin

  • Alt Color 2: Green Skin/Dark Green (2001 Millennial Visions)
  • Alt Color 3: Tan Skin/Yellow & Blue (Hobgoblin)
  • Alt Color 4: Purple Skin/Dark Purple & Orange (Hobgoblin 2099)
  • Alt Color 5: Lime Green Skin/Dark Blue & Red (Demogoblin)
  • Alt Color 6: Light Green Skin/Black & Sliver (Fury, Goblin Queen)
  • DLC Costume: Menace

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