Mvc3 gambit
Name Remy LeBeau
Gender Male
Abilities Kinetic Energy Charging, Marksman, Close Combat, Master Thief
Weapons Playing Cards, Bo-Staff
Affiliation Hero
Vitality 900,000
First Appearance Uncanny X-Men Annual
#10 (July 1980)
Company Marvel

"The X-Men are heroes, I'm a thief."
—Pre-match quote

"still under construction"

Crossover Assist Type Angle Crossover Hyper
α Glaive Strike M Shot Front Royal Flush
β Slayer Slash M Direct Front Royal Flush
γ UV Spike Shot Tilt Down Royal Flush

"I wrested alligators before I could write my own name. This was child's play mon ami."
—Victory quote

"still under construction"

Move Name Input Details
Kinetic Card Arcade Modifier (Air)AS QCF+Attack An instant-hit projectile. Gambit winds up and then tosses out several cards. The punch button pressed very slightly changes the wind up time, with Hard Punch taking a bit longer, but both versions do the same damage.When done in the air this flies at a diagonally down-towards angle.
Trick Card Arcade Stick QCB+Attack Gambit's anti-air attack, he throws his card upward to hit incoming opponents.
Cajun Slash Arcade Stick S+Attack
Cajun Strike Arcade Stick CDU+Attack hard
Cajun Escape Arcade Stick CDU+Attack button
Royal Flush AS S+Attack button 2x Gambit throws his pole into the air, then rapidly throws a deck of cards one by one at the opponent.
Cajun Explosion Arcade Stick QCB / Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Gambit jumps to either side of the screen (depending on the direction you enter) then fires a wave of kinetic energy.

List of all possible attacks

  • Kinetic Card/Trick Card
  • Ace of Spades
  • Cajun Slash
  • Cajun Strike
  • Cajun Escape
  • Bo Roulette
  • Kinetic Charge
  • Royal Flush
  • Ragin Cajun
  • Cajun Explosion
  • 52 Card Pickup

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