Name Eric Brooks
Gender Male
Abilities Vamperic Strength & Healing, Immunity from Vampire Weaknesses
Weapons Silver Katana, Crossbow, Glaive, Silver Stakes
Affiliation Anti-hero
Vitality 950,000
First Appearance Tombs of Dracula
#10 (July 1973)
Company Marvel

"There are worst things then vampires, like me."
—Pre-match quote

Blade is a popular anti-hero from Marvel comics. Blade represents a part of marvel comics that doesn't cross over with the other heroes often, making him a great choice to put into the game to cover a wider range of their characters, but Blade uses guns and swords similar to many other fighters so they didn't think he's be very unique. Well time to roll up my sleeves and show them how to fix that.

Crossover Assist Type Angle Crossover Hyper
α Glaive Strike M Shot Front Nightstalker
β Slayer Slash M Direct Front Nightstalker
γ UV Spike Shot Tilt Down Nightstalker

"Some people are always trying to ice skate up-hill."
—Victory quote

Blade is a powerful Rushdown character with a large amount of zoning attacks, making him a threat at every range. Blade gains a 5% percent speed & damage boost when he removes his glasses or trench coat, and 10% boost for removing both. Blade removes his coat by activating his Vampiric Bloodline hyper mode. He can removes his glasses taunting or by taking damage, and his glasses return when he tags back in or taunts a second time. Blade can double jump, wall jump and 2-way air dash. His Vampiric Bloodline hyper mode is a double-edged sword, granting Blade a huge boost, but making it very easy to be KO'ed by a single combo. Blade's Zoning attacks are made for area coverage rather then damage, opening up opportunities for Blade to move in for combos.

Move Name Input Details
Snap Kick Attack medium, Attack medium Blade performs a snap kick to add a second hit to his standing M attack.
Flip Kick AS Right+Attack hard An anti-air flash kick with low range, but a very fast start-up. It is not special-cancelable.
Sweep Kick Arcade Stick DR+Attack hard Blade performs a low hitting sweep kick that causes a soft knockdown, and can be cancelled into Slayer Slash.
Diving Boot AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack hard Blade quickly flies down at an angle and kicks his enemy, it causes a ground bounce if it hits air-born opponents.
Slayer Slash AS S+Attack button chargable Blade dashes forward slashing with his katana, and it can be charged for more damage. The L version is an upward slash that has follow-up attacks, the M version is a downward slash that causes a ground bounce, and the H version is a forward stab that causes a wall bounce.
> Flip Kick Attack button during Slayer Slash L Blade can follow-up with his Flip Kick out of his Slash attack.
> Thrust Kick Special during Slayer Slash L Blade performs a spinning back thrust kick that causes a hard knockdown.
Revenge Elbow AS RS+Attack button Blade counters physical attacks with a reverse elbow strike. The L version counters low hits, the M version counters normal hits, and the H version counters overhead hits. This counter has a very fast start-up and long counter window.
> Circle of Death Attack button during Revenge Elbow Blade follows his counter with a full spinning slash. The L version causes a hard knockdown, the M version causes a wall bounce, and the H version causes a ground bounce.
Glaive Strike (air)AS QCF+Attack button Blade throws two of his Glaives out that curve back to him. The L version throws two glaives out, one straight and the other angled slightly upward and return back from the top of the screen at different angles. The M version has blade throwing a glaive straight forward, then spins around and throws a second glaive, both of which return straight backwards. The H version throws out Glaives at the same time that curve inward, then outward, and they return back from the top and bottom of the screen.
UV Spike (air)AS QCF+Special Blade throws a silver spike angled at the ground that causes a bright flash of light if it misses. It hits OTG, and if the opponent is close enough to the spike, the flash puts them into a dizzy stun state. The mid-air version has a steeper angle.
Shotgun Blast AS QCB+Attack button Blade fires his shotgun with different ammo. The L & M versions fire a short range spread similar to Chris's shotgun, L fires straight forward and M fires up at a 45% degree angle. The H version fires a silver stake that has high durability and causes a wall bounce.
Pointblank Shotgun Arcade Stick HCB+Special Blade grabs his opponent and blasts them in the chest at point blank range with his shotgun loaded with a silver stake. This is a grab attack that launches the opponent into the opposite wall and pins them there for a second.
Cartwheel Attack button+Special Blade performs a cartwheel that passes through the enemy. He is invincible during the flip.
Nightstalker AS QCF+Attack button 2x Blade unleashes a volley of glaives & stakes forward at his opponent, then tosses a stake into the air, and kicks the stake into the target. This attack covers a very large area because the glaives return to Blade during the attack. The final stake causes a wall bounce.
Vampiric Bloodline AS QCB+Attack button 2x Blade taps into his vampiric strength and gains a 5% speed boost and a damage boost based on the percentage of red health he has, and his red health starts to drain. This hyper mode ends when his red health is gone or he is switched out, but switching out will remove all of his remaining red health. Blade takes 20% more damage while this mode is active, and he can build meter while this mode is active. Blade removes his coat during the activating animation, adding an extra 5% boost.
> Bloodlust AS S+Special during Vampiric Bloodline Blade grabs his foe and bites them. This attack increases a small amount of Blade's red health, and can be mashed for more hits (up to 5 bites). The attack's range is short, but very fast.
The Daywalker (Level 3) AS S+Attack button 2x Blade pulls out his sword and dashes forward. If he connects, he slashes rapidly at his opponent, performs a spin slash, and shoots his opponent with his shotgun over his shoulder. This attack has a fast, invincible start-up, and ends with a hard knockdown.

Blade 2 Blade 3 Marvel UA Blade

DLC Costume: Original Costume
Eric Brooks Original costume

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