I got a requests to make some moveset outlines for characters people would like to see in UMvC3 as DLC characters just for fun. Moon Knight is the second request character I'm making. He is from Marvel Comics, and is a former member of the West Coast Avengers, Defenders, and a current member of Steve Roger's Secret Avengers.

Moon Knight is a versatile rushdown character. Moon Knight can double jump, and has a very quick and wide wave dash. His Full Moon hyper mode allows him to cancel whiffed attacks to stay safe and regain red health.

Vitality: 875,000

Crossover Assist Type Angel Crossover Hyper
α Crescent Dart L Shot Upward Crescent Barrage
β Crescent Dart M Shot Front Crescent Barrage
γ Crescent Dart H Shot Front Crescent Barrage
Move Name Input Details
Staff Slam Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack hard Moon Knight drops down and slams his staff downward similar to Vergil's Helmet breaker. It ground bounces airborn opponents, and hits OTG.
Staff Kick AS Right+Attack hard Moon Knight vaults forward with his staff and kicks his opponent.
Crescent Darts Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button Moon Knight throws his trademark Crescent Darts, the air version fires downward at an angle and can hit OTG. The L version can be rapid fired three times, and charged to throw out three darts that fan out. The M version throws out a slower boomerang version of the attack, similar to Shield Slash. The H version throw an exploding dart. If it hits the ground, it stays on the ground for 3 seconds before exploding.
Baton Strike Arcade Stick S+Attack light Moon Knight takes apart his staff into two batons and strikes at close range and can be followed up with a combo. The final hit causes a hard knockdown.
  • Attack light, Attack light, Attack medium, Attack hard
Nunchuk Strike Arcade Stick S+Attack medium Moon Knight converts his staff into a large nunchuk and strikes with slightly longer reach then Baton Strike and can be followed up with a combo.
  • Attack medium, Attack hard, Arcade Modifier TapAttack medium
Staff Strike Arcade Stick S+Attack hard Moon Knight strikes his enemy with longer reach then Baton Strike or Nunchuk Strike and can be followed up with a combo. The final hit causes a wall bounce.
  • Attack hard, AS Right+Attack hard
Lunar Eclipse Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button A counter special. The L version stops low physical attacks and causes a hard knockdown, M stops high attacks and causes a crumple state, and the H version counters projectile and causes a wall bounce.
Cable Shot Arcade Modifier (Air)Attack button+Special Moon Knight fires his cable gun and pulls himself forward. It can be aimed in all 8 directions, and if it hits the opponent, Moon Knight pulls the enemy in and knees them causing the enemy to crumple.
Crescent Barrage Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Moon Knight unleashes 3 waves of 3 exploding Crescent Darts that fan out, the air version fires downward at an angle and can hit OTG. This attack covers a large area and inflicts chip damage.
Full Moon Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x Moon Knight gains a sudden surge of energy from Khonshu. This is a buff hyper which gives Moon Knight a 10% power & speed boost for 5 seconds, and regains red health. Hyper meter doesn't build while this move is active.
Fist of Khonshu (Level 3) Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x Moon Knight dashes forward and if he connects, he starts a combo that finishes with Marc grabbing his enemy and pulling them both up with his cable gun, and drops back down with a german suplex. This attack has start-up invincibility, and causes a hard knockdown.

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