Mega Man X
Mega Man X
Name Megaman X
Gender Male (Robot)
Weapon/Power X-Buster, Variable Weapon System, Armor Systems
Affiliation Hero
Vitality 850,000
First Appearance Mega Man X (1993)
Company Capcom

"My turn to fight. Let's do this!"
—Pre-match quote

Megaman X is one of the most requested characters to be put into MvC3. He has been requested for a long time, and all we're getting is a DLC costume. If they think Zero can do anything better then X, or simply don't know what to do for his gameplay, here are some ideas for you. Enjoy!

Crossover Assist Type Angel Crossover Hyper
α X-Buster Shot Front Giga Attack
β Mega Uppercut Direct Upward Giga Attack
γ Weapon Use Shot Varies Giga Attack

"This fight is over. You better fallback before you get hurt."
—Victory quote

Megaman X's moveset is based on a mix of his MMX weapons, his 4 armors from MMX6 and Megaman's gameplay from MvC2. Between his 4 armors and 4 weapons (including his normal X buster) he has 12 different combinations, there's a Megaman for everyone! He can air dash, wall jump and has a great wave dash. His Weapon Use attack is one of his most useful weapons since X can freely switch between his three different weapons anytime without the cost of hyper meter. X's Ultimate Armor is a powerful perminant Mode change that makes X one of the most powerful character's in the cast besides Dark Phoenix. Saving meter of an early Ultimate Armor is always a good idea. X's assist attacks are dependent on which Weapon and Armor he has equipped, meaning you can change his assist attack in game for different strategies.

Move Name Input Details
X-Buster (air)Attack hard Chargable This weapon changes depending on which armor X has on.
  • Normal: X's signature energy blast that can be charged for more hits, the mid-air charged version fires downward.
  • Falcon: X fires a small faster version of him X-Buster, charged version has high durability.
  • Blade: X fires a weaker version of his normal X-Buster.
  • Shadow: X fires spreading shurikens. When fully charged it produces a crescent-like slash that strikes multiple times.
  • Ultimate: X fires a larger version of his normal X-Buster. It can be charged and extra level to become a beam with high durability, and the mid-air version hits OTG.
Shippuga AS Right+Attack hard in Blade or Ultimate Armor X slashes forward with his Z-Saber, similar to Zero's attack
Weapon Use Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button Chargable X fires his special weapons depending on which one is equipped. Simply pressing the attack button activates the attack, but charging it delays the attack until the attack button is released.
  • Fire Wave: X fires a flamethrower, the angle he fires it depends on the attack button used, L is downward angled, M is forward, and H is an upward angle. Charged version fires a wave of flames that travels along the ground and hits OTG.
  • Homing Torpedo: X fires a homing missile, the attack button used changes the speed of the missile, L is the slowest and H is the fastest. Charging causes him to fire out more missiles (Max 6).
  • Storm Tornado: X fires a cyclone that wall bounces, the angle he fires it depends on the attack button used, L is forward, M is an upward angle and H is straight up. Charged version creates a tornado around X that hits OTG.
Weapon System Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button X can switch between three different weapons. L equips X with the Fire Wave, M gives him Homing Torpedo, and H equips the Storm Tornado.
Mega Uppercut Arcade Stick S+Attack button X performs a Shoryuken style uppercut.
  • Falcon: Can be performed in mid-air and raises higher.
  • Blade: The hit box is wider and hits multiple times.
  • Shadow: X jumps straight up and clings to the ceiling.
  • Ultimate: Can be performed in mid-air, raises faster & higher, and has a wider hit box.
Flight Arcade Stick QCB+Special in Falcon or Ultimate Armor X flies and hovers for 3 seconds. You can cancel into Flight from mid-air actions, and gain unlimited air dashes.
Giga Attack Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x The Giga Attack changes depending on which armor he has equipped
  • Normal: X fires a full screen laser straight forward. Can be used in mid-air and mashed for more hits.
  • Falcon: X fires a blast into the air that causes needle-like projectiles to dart around all over the screen. Can be used in mid-air and mashed for more hits.
  • Blade: X makes a very large slash that produces two giant waves of energy. It has high durability and fast start-up.
  • Shadow: X slashes multiple times around himself creating an orb of slash waves. Can be mashed for more hits.
  • Ultimate: X equips his Command Mission Ultimate Armor and fires two large beam and several homing missiles. Can be performed in mid-air and mashed for more hits.
Armor Systems Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button 2x X equips one of his 3 special armors depending on which button is pressed
  • Attack light+Attack medium Falcon Armor: X gains the Flight special and can 8-way air dash. He can also use Weapon Use in mid-air, but cannot charge it.
  • Attack light+Attack hard Blade Armor: X gains the Shippuga command normal, and can 4-way air dash farther.
  • Attack medium+Attack hard Shadow Armor: X can wall cling and fire from the wall, but looses all air dashes.
Ultimate Armor (Level 3) Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x X equips his most powerful armor. His damage and speed increase by 10%, can use Flight and Shippuga, 8-way air dash, wall cling and charges his weapons faster.
>Nova Strike (air)Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x in Ultimate Armor X surrounds his body with energy and performs an invincible flying tackle that plows through enemies effortlessly. This attack has super armor and can beat out any other attack exept grabs.
X5armorfalconBlade ArmorX6armorshadow
Ultimate ArmorX
DLC Costume: Megaman X: Command Mission

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