M. Bison
M. Bison
M. Bison
Name M. Bison
Gender Male
Abilities Psycho Power
Affiliation Villain
Vitality 950,000
First Appearance Street Fighter II
Company Capcom

"You dare to face the mighty Bison?"
—M. Bison

M. Bison is one of Capcom's most famous villains of all time, and I would love to see him back in UMvC3. Bison has made his presence felt in many fighting games over the years, so this concept moveset is mostly to convert his attacks to the MvC3 formate, but I'm also having some fun with it to mix in a few new attacks. He is one of the few Street Fighters that has the raw power to fight with the super powered heroes of the Marvel Univers, and he's one of the few "charge" characters so I think he would fit in well in UMvC3.

Crossover Assist Type Angel Crossover Hyper
α Psycho Crusher M Direct Front Mega Psycho Crusher
β Psycho Field M Shot Front Psycho Explosion
γ Double Knee Press M Direct Front Knee Press Nightmare

"My power knows no limit!"
—M. Bison

Bison's moveset is a mix of all of his attacks from his appearencess in MvC2, SSF4, and CvS2. He has a Cross-Over only hyper attack called the Mega Psycho Crusher, which is a more powerful version of his normal Psycho Crusher. It causes a hard knockdown, passes through his opponent and travels full screen. With this hyper, he possesses 5 different hyper combos. Bison has a slow walking speed but a good wave dash, double jump and 8-way air dash, and can perform 3 movement actions in the air.

Move Name Input Details
Double Strike AirAttack mediumAttack medium Bison strikes twice quickly with psycho powered fists, and can be linked to his heavy.
Focus Attack Attack button+Special Bison's Focus Attack from Street Fighter IV. It has 1 hit of super armor while it's charged and is unblockable if fully charged.
Psycho Crusher (air)
C backArcade Stick Right+Attack button
Bison's signature attack that is in all of his appearances, M. Bison charges his right hand with Psycho Power, then surrounds himself with Psycho Energy while flying spinning towards his opponents. The attack button used determines how far Bison travels. Bison can continue his combo after the L version, and the H version passes through the enemy.
Psycho Shot Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button Bison tosses out a ball of psycho power that curves. The L & M verions zig-zag wide and slowly, L starting high and M starting low. The H version has a much smaller curve, and zig-zags forward very quickly.
Psycho Field Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button Bison releases orb from his hands that travels forward before exploding into 3 blasts. L version travels forward low to the ground around 1/3rd across the screen before exploding, the M & H verion travel normal hight, but the M explodes about 2/3rds of the screen, while the H version explodes on contact with enemies or projectiles. The L & M orbs harmlessly pass through enemies until they explode, but all versions can hit OTG.
Double Knee Press (air)Arcade Stick S+Attack button Also known as the Scissors Kick, Bison performs a forward somersault with his legs outstretched, hitting the opponent twice. The distance and speed at which it travels depends on the strength of the attack button.
Head Stomp C down up+Attack button Bison leaps into the air and stomps on his opponent's head. He then backflips off again, and can followed up with a Skull Diver before he lands.
>Skull Diver Attack button after Head Stomp Bison strikes the opponent with a psycho powered fist while dropping from his Head Stomp.
Devil Reverse C down up+Special, Attack button Bison leaps into the air towards the opponent. If no further input is made, Bison simply lands in front of his opponent. If followed with an attack button while in mid-air, he changes direction in mid-air, flipping upside-down and throwing a psycho powered side chop toward the opponent while descending.
Warp (air)AS RS+Attack button Bison poses and teleports. L version teleports backwards, M teleports forwards, and H teleports directly above his opponent.
Flight (air)Arcade Stick QCB+Special Bison's flight mode lasts for 2 seconds, and can air dash repeatedly. He can cancel Head Stomp and Devil Reverse into Flight mode.
Knee Press Nightmare (air)Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x Bison performs his classic super attack from the Street Fighter series, two Scissors Kicks and a slide kick, but if the attack hits close enough to the enemy, he instead performs a bicycle kick to his opponent's face similar to his SFxT version. This attack has 7 frames of start-up invincibility, and is very fast so it can be used in combos and as a counter attack.
Psycho Explosion Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button 2x Bison throws out a psycho orb that travels very fast and explodes into a huge psycho energy orb on contact with any enemy. It dealing massive chip damage, and has high durability.
Psycho Punisher AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x From Super Street Fighter 4, Bison's new Ultra attack is back as his new hyper attack. Bison drops straight down stomping on his enemy, then grabs his enemy by the head and punches them in the gut with an explosive fist that shoots them off into a spinning knockdown. The stomp ground bounces air born enemies and hits OTG.
Psycho Booster (Level 3) Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button 2x This is a fusion of his Ultimate Psycho Crusher attack and his Nightmare Booster attacks. He teleports and performs a huge Psycho Crusher across the full screen and drags the enemy with him. Once he reaches the end of the screen if he fully connected, he changes directions and lefts the enemy into the air, then flips and stomps on the opponents guts crushing them into the ground. The initial Psycho Crush has armor that can absorb up to 10 hits, and is safe on block.

MSH vs SF M Bison Bison SFII SSFIV M Bison

DLC Costume: Psycho Armor
M Bison dlc costume

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