Ibuki Udon
Name Ibuki
Gender Female
Abilities Ninjitsu Training
Affiliation Heroine
Vitality 750,000
First Appearance Street Fighter III: New Generation
Company Capcom

"Ibuki, on the scene!"
—pre-match quote

Ibuki is easily the most popular new Street Fighter character from Street Fighter III and has a number of guest appearances in many other forms of media. Out of all of the Street Fighters left, she is one of the few fighters I could see fighting the heroes of the Marvel Universe. She has a very large amount of special attacks based on a Punch & Kick button set up, so she offered a very interesting challenge to me.

Crossover Assist Type Angle Crossover Hyper
α Kunai Shot Tilt Down Kasumi Suzaku
β Trumuji Direct Front Yami Shigure
γ Kazegiri Direct Upward Yami Shigure

"Sorry, but you were wide open. I just couldn't resist."
—Victory quote

Ibuki is a very fast Rushdown character that can play both effective Mix-up and Cross-up games, and she can jump cancel out of her heavy attacks. Ibuki retains 3 of her EX attacks, and has 2 level 3 attacks, which eats up hyper meter very quickly, putting her in the Damage Dealer category. Unlike Viper, Ibuki's EX attacks only cost half a meter bar with each use since her EX attacks aren't as powerful. Ibuki can double and triple jump, 8-way air dash, wall jump, wall cling and can perform up to 4 movement actions in the air before landing. She also has one of the fastest wave dashes in the game, making her a star in the mobility department. Ibuki's combos can be extended very long since her attacks don't deal as much damage as the average character, so the hitstun decay and damage scaling don't take effect for a while.

Move Name Input Details
Maki Geri AS Right+Attack light A low hitting side kick that links into M.
Ura Maki Geri Left+Attack medium A spinning back roundhouse with good range but doesn't link into H.
Koube Kudaki AS Right+Attack medium An overhead ax-kick that links into L.
Sazan Arcade Stick DR+Attack medium A low hitting slide kick that links into her launcher.
Rasen Chuu Attack hard at a distance A slow spinning back elbow that can be followed up
Oiura Ken Attack hard during Rasen Chuu A snapping back-fist that follows Rasen Chuu, links into her launcher
Bonshou Geri AS Right+Attack hard An overhead spinning jump roundhouse. Doesn't link to her launcher but can be canceled, she is considered airborn during this attack.
Kunai AirAS QCF+Attack button Ibuki throws a kunai at the ground that hit OTG. The angle is determined by the attack button pressed; L aims it at the steepest angle and H the furthest, with M landing somewhere in between.
EX Kunai AirAS QCF+Special Ibuki throws 3 very fast spreading kunai that hit OTG.
Kubi Ori AS QCF+Attack button Ibuki slides along the ground toward her opponent. If she connects with an opponent who isn't blocking low, she will jump behind them and twist their head. It causes a spinning knockdown and Ibuki hops to a safety afterward. How far the initial slide goes is determined by the attack button pressed; L travels the least while H travels the furthest.
EX Kubi Ori AS QCF+Attack button+Special This version travels farther, faster, Ibuki twists the opponent's head three times in quick succession, and jumps farther away.
Kasumi Gake Arcade Stick QCF+Special Ibuki performs a high-speed dash which briefly leaves behind an afterimage. It is invincible during the dash and can pass through the enemy. The longer the special button is held, the farther the dash. However, the further the dash goes, the more startup and recovery time it takes.
Tsumuji AS QCB+Attack button Ibuki performs two spinning heel kicks in quick succession, and can be followed up with a third kick by pressing an attack button again. This third kick is the same as the others, except that it can be low if the player holds down at the same time.
EX Tsumuji AS QCB+Attack button+Special The EX version of this attack always kicks four times, and the final three can alternate between high and low depending on whether the player is holding down during the respective kick.
Raida Hcb+Special Ibuki grabs her opponent's arm, puts her fist into their ribs, charges her first with ki energy, and release that energy in a powerful explosion that causes a hard knockdown.
Kazegiri AS S+Special A jumping high kick that protects Ibuki from the front, it acts as a decent anti-air attack. If an attack button is pressed during the attack, Ibuki follows up with a back-flip bicycle kick that launches the enemy up, and can easily be followed up.
Tsuji Goe AS S+Attack button Ibuki performs a very high spiraling flip. During the apex of the flip, Ibuki can use her Kunai attack or even her Kasumi Suzaku. If she does, the attack will be in the opposite direction of the jump. This is useful for jumping over the opponent and attacking them from behind before you land. The distance Ibuki jumps depends on the attack button used.
Hien AS RS+Attack button Ibuki jumps forward and kicks out. If she comes into contact with the opponent, she kick-jumps away to a safe distance. The amount of distance the jump covers and damage done are determined by the attack button pressed: L has the least distance, H has the most, and M is in between.
Kasumi Suzaku AirAS QCF+Attack button 2x Ibuki will throw a series of Kunai attacks - two at a time, with the kunai spinning like shuriken instead their usual straight flight. This attack hits OTG and can be mashed for more hits. Ibuki raises high during the attack, gains an extra air movement after the attack.
Yami Shigure AS QCF+Attack button 2x Ibuki throws three kunai into the ground infront of her that hit low and OTG. If these kunai connect, she then performs dashing attacks through the opponent multiple times that cause a spinning knockdown. This attack misses at point blank range, and is best used to pick up downed foes after an air combo, and can be followed up to continue the combo.
Yoroitoshi (Level 3) Hcb+Attack button 2x Ibuki's most damaging attack, she creates a massive ball of ki, and performs an extra-powerful, unblockable Raida attack on the opponent's torso followed by a back elbow to the gut with a similar ki blast. If it fails to grab the opponent, she extends her arm and fires an orange ki orb that deals good damage. This attack is a grab with good reach, and a short window of invincibility at the startup.
Hashinsho (Level 3) AS S+Attack button 2x Ibuki performs a modified version of her Hashinso attack from SSF4. Ibuki dashes across the screen very quickly and if she connects, she starts the attack animation ending in a hard knockdown. This attack has ab extremely fast startup and is completely invincible during the dash, making it able to counter beams and projectiles from full screen away.

IbukiIbuki SFxTIbukiSSF4

DLC Costume: School Uniform
Ibuki SFL school outfit

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