Name Cletus Kasady
Gender Male
Abilities Super Strength, Healing, Shapeshifting
Weapons none
Affiliation Villian
Vitality 925,000
First Appearance Amazing Spider-Man #344
Company Marvel

"Who wants to be the next victim of CARNAGE!?!?"

Carnage is the dangerous psychotic monster from Marvel comics who has become one of Marvel's most popular villains of all time, and now with Carnage U.S.A. here, I've made a movelist outline for Carnage in UMvC3.

Crossover Assist Type Angel Crossover Hyper
α Crimson Slasher Direct Front Crimson Ripper
β Deadly Darts M Shot Front Crimson Ripper
γ Symbiote Spike M Direct Front Maximum Carnage

"You self righteous suits think good will always win? Time for me to show you the painful truth, and I plan to enjoy it!"

Carnage's is a fast and versatile mix-up rushdown character, able to chase down his enemies, and pull them into range for his attacks. He can wavedash quickly, double jump, wall jump & wall cling, but cannot air dash. He has higher vitality then most rushdown characters, and can play an effective zoning game against characters without any range attacks, but looses easily to focused zoning characters. Carnage's main strategy is to stay close to his opponent, and keep the opponent guessing with unpredictable attacks to mix them up. Carnage's combos deal less damage after landing his Tendril Slam special due to high damage scaling, but are easy to extend out into long combos. Carnage's least effective range is at a full screen distance, so having a full screen assist helps Carnage a lot, and choice assists that hit high or low make for easy unblockable setups. Carnage has no Level 3 hyper attacks so that he can keep consistent pressure on his opponent.

Move Name Input Details
Axe Cleave Standing Attack hard (hold) Carnage's hand becomes an axe as he slashes downward. This attack hits high and causes a ground bounce.
Scythe Kick Crouching Attack hard (hold) Carnage's foot becomes a scythe and he sweeps his foot. This attack hits low, extends out 2 character lengths, and hits OTG.
Red Spear AS Right+Attack hard Carnage's arm extends out as a jagged spear and hits enemies 1/2 screen away, and is special cancelable.
Red Spear Low Arcade Stick DR+Attack hard Carnage grows a spear out of his gut that stabs downward at an angle and hits OTG.
Hammer Fist Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack hard Carnage crashes down to the ground that hits OTG, and ground bounces airborn victims.
Symbiote Spiker Arcade Modifier TapAttack button Carnage sprouts long thin spikes out all over his body that hit anyone nearby. The attack button used effects the recovery time and length of the spikes. This attack adds a large amount of hitstun and damage scaling.
Crimson Slicer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light Carnage dashes forward and spins, slashing at an angle at his opponents legs. This attack hits low & can be mashed for more hits.
Crimson Slasher Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium chargable Carnage dashes forward and slashes upward with a blade arm. The charged version has frame advantage on block
Crimson Guillotine Arcade Stick QCF+Attack hard chargable Carnage dashes forward and slashes with both arms crossing. The charged version crumples the opponent on hit.
Deadly Darts Arcade Stick S+Attack light or Attack medium Carnage fires out symbiote darts. The light version fires 4 darts straight forward, and the medium version fires out 6 darts outward fanning out. These projectiles have very low durability.
Scarlet Axe Arcade Stick S+Attack hard Carnage throws out a symbiote axe straight forward that causes a wall bounce if it hits. This projectiles travels very fast, but has low durability.
Impaler AS RS+Attack button Carnage sends his symbiote through the ground that erupts from the ground as a large spike. It hits OTG and the location it appears is determined by the attack button used, similar to Purification.
Tendril Slam Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button Carnage reaches out with his Tendrils to grab his opponent, and slams them hard on the ground. This is an unblockable command throw important to Carnage's mix-up game. The L version reaches 2 character lengths forward, the M version reaches 5 character lengths forward but has a longer start up and recovery time. The H version reaches up at a 45 degree angle. This attack has a long active time and wide hit area because Carnage leaves his tendrils out in a fan shape, so it can grab enemies easy, but has a long recovery time, and is vulnerable to projectiles.
Tendril Zip Arcade Modifier (Air)Attack button+Special Carnage shoots his tendrils to pull himself across the screen. If it connects with the opponent, it leaves them in a small stun state, and has a very short recovery time so Carnage can follow up with a combo. The air versions can hit OTG.
Tendril Swing Arcade Modifier AirUp+Attack button+Special Carnage swings straight across the top of the screen as long as the buttons are held and drops as soon as the buttons are released. Carnage can only attack on the way down.
Crimson Ripper Arcade Stick S+Attack button 2x Carnage transforms his arms into two long blade covered flails, and charges forward slashing repeatedly. This attack has a small window of start up invincibility, and can be mashed for more hits. The last hit causes a wall bounce.
Tendril Chaos Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button 2x A throw attack where Carnage reaches out with his tendrils in all directions. If they connect, Carnage slams his victim twice, then lifts them into the air and strikes them with crossing finger spikes, causing a spinning knockdown.
Maximum Carnage Arcade Modifier (Air)Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button 2x Carnage grows blades out of his body and dashes back and forth off the walls to hit his opponent, and ends with a vertical drop from the top of the screen. This attack is a slower version of Spider-Man's original Maximum Spider hyper. The first strike tracks the opponent if activated in the air, and hits low and OTG if activated on the ground, and the followup hits are directable.

Carnage2Carnage 2 (comics)CARNAGE by vassago

DLC Costume: Spider-Carnage

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