"I´m the Juggernaut,you will know what it means after i´m done with ya"

The Juggernaut is one of the most famous Marvel characters,having first appeared in X-Men #12,and become one of the X-Men most famous and persistant enemies.It has also came to clash with other Marvel heroes like Spider-Man,Hulk,etc.

Since his debut during the Silver Age of Comic Books the character has appeared in over four decades of Marvel publications,being always portrayed as an X-Men villain and a foe of Professor X

Pre-Fight Dialogues:

vs Hulk:"I,m the strongest there is,giant fruit"

vs Spider-Man:"You are always getting in my way,huh,Spider-Idiot"

vs Wolverine:"Hey short round,let´s see if those bones are really unbreakable"

vs any X-Men character except Deadpool and Magneto:"I will send ya pieces back to Charles "

Win Quotes

vs Morrigan and Crimson Viper:"Silly b****,your weapons cannot harm me"

vs any X-men character except Deadpool or Magneto:"I´m going to get Charles,if you don´t mind"

vs Sentinel:"For the last time,bucket head,



  • Earthquake Punch:Juggernaut´s trademark special,where he pounds the ground,creating a shockwave that tears the earth in front of him,it now has greater speed but has lower start-up
  • Juggernaut Punch:Another classic where Juggernaut dashes foward and punches the enemy in the ground,it can go through projectiles
  • Hard Fall: Juggernaut´s old air move,where he falls in the ground with body extended,it has greater range if used with hard punch
  • Shouler Rush:A new special where Juggernaut rushes foward with his shoulder extended,it looks like Head Crush but it´only causes one hit.
  • Feet StompundThis new one makes Juggernaut leap into the air and come down stomping the ground,creating a shockwave that traps the foe into ground

Hyper Combos

  • Cytorrak Power Up(Level 1):The classic special was turned into a hyper,but know is a true power-up,it pratically doubles attack power,it makes you unflinchible to every attack and even allows you to gain hyper meter
  • Head Crush(Level 1):Juggernaut´s old hyper is now back and better than ever,it has the obstacle-blocking properties of Hyper Charging Star,but with Head Crush you won´t lose speed don´t matter how many projectiles or lasers are thrown
  • The Juggernaut,B****(Level 3):Juggernaut punches the foe sending them upwards,as they falls,he jumps and grabs then,throws them on the ground,earthpound them twice,grabs them and throws them on the ground,leaving them stuck



DLC Costume

Juggernaut´s DLC costume

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